Ecco Gorm Desert Boots Review

Desert Boots – “I Bet You’ll Look Good On My Dads Floor”..

When it comes to finding a decent pair of shoes the old adage of “Comfort over Style” (or “Style over Comfort” if you’re a women in Stilettos) comes into play. You can’t always live your life in slippers or trainers – Although I am sure many of us would secretly like to. No, if you are looking for something smart, classic and understated then you have to invest in a bit of quality rather than trying to latch on to the latest trends for people half your age.

This is where the classics come into play, you can’t go much wrong with a decent  pair of Desert Boots,  no matter what your age. Developed by British Army “Desert Rats” in the 1950’s initially and then adapted and sold to millions of Mods in the 60’s they have never really gone out of style. I’ve lost count of the pairs I have owned over the years, as they are just as good with a pair of jeans as they do with a decent slim-fit suit, for a really understated level of cool.


Mods In Brighton                                                                                                                                                                                                                   Effortlessly Cool


Making shoes that look great isn’t difficult, making shoes that are really comfortable at the same time can be tricky, but it can be can be done. So, here’s the proof, a mix of comfort and style, functional with a nice level of quality and most importantly for me – two lace eyelets, not three! Gotta be two!  The Danish shoe brand ECCO isn’t someone I would normally associate with producing a decent Desert Boot, but that is exactly what they have done.


Ecco Desert Boots

Gotta to be two holes!


ECCO produce all their own leather and its shows in the quality, it really is a little bit of luxury for the every day.

However,  do make sure that ” every day ” isn’t in the heart of winter, Deserts Boots don’t exactly fare well in the rain and slush. I think the name “Desert Boot” might have something to do with it…. Be careful as the last thing you want to do is ruin a smart looking outfit by having horribly damp or stained footwear, not to mention damp socks….


Ecco Desert Boots

Made for dancing..


For me, when it comes to choosing colours it’s always been sticking to the classic dark brown or  sand versions. Dark jeans,  a nice Fred Perry t-shirt and a pair of boots takes me right back to my misspent youth listening to bands like The Who, Blur and the god-like Paul Weller. To get a sense of what that looks like think Jimmy from Quadrophenia on his sick day before the trip to Brighton and you’ll get the idea.

However, some people that ECCO are catering for are brave enough to go for Chilli Red or Blue on the colour front, thinking I might try and be a bit radical I settled for Grey..( Well, I am knocking on a bit  and really really can’t see myself ever wearing red shoes..), but it is  a really nice soft tone that it very works well as you can see, when on paper,  it really doesn’t.


Modern, lace-up desert boot style

  • Uppers of cow suede are naturally soft and breathable
  • Full leather lining is breathable and moisture-absorbent
  • Leather-covered insole with ECCO Comfort Fibre System and PORON, for a soft and cushioned base layer

At £120.00 from here, there are certainly not the cheapest boot on the street, but I think if you can, it is always nice to treat yourself a bit.

So where do you stand? Boots, Slip-on’s, High- heels pumps? What does what’s on your feet say about you?


I Bet You’ll Look Good On My Dads Floor

As part of a  new series of posts,  I am going to be writing a bit of a style guide for us Dads. Not that I am claiming to be some kind of Gok Wan, but I do know a decent suit and a pair of shoes when I see them.  Working around Brighton I am surrounded by some very stylish people, and some who try very hard to be but actually come off like they are trying just a bit tooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo hard to look good, act like they are living some kind of nefarious type lifestyle  and end up making themselves look a bit of a dick..

You’ll know if you are like me, even though you might have spent 30 years being interested in clothes and dressing well as soon as you hit 40  or that little bundle of joy hits your world, your time and wallet rapidly removes clothes away down your priority list. No point spending a fortune on nice shirts only for little Jimmy to pee, poo and puke down it.

But I am not quite ready to give up being worried what how I dress and take comfort over style every time. Although,  I do admit those trousers with adjustable elasticated drawstring trousers you see in the back of the Sunday Magazines are looking pretty darn good I must admit. (Joking!)

But there is something about seeing another dad that has a  well-trimmed haircut or a decent pair trainers on down the park, you know that not only you can have a chat about all things child related, but you are probably going to have a lot in common music and culture wise.  You get a certain nod or knowing look that even if you don’t talk,  it is understood that is you will probably share a common past as well as common future as a dad, daft isn’t it?..

There is also the point when you feel like a bit too old to dress well, that my friend is nonsense. You don’t have to drape yourself in the latest styles or labels, the simple trick is to find a style that what works for you, find your inner style warrior and buy well so it lasts. Roughly formed mine  it’s a mix of  old school trainers with fat laces, desert boots,

We Are The Mods

We Are The Mods

well fitting jeans, slim cut button down shirt and a decent blazer. Oh and a hat, I LOVE my hats, but more of that later.

Don’t be afraid to be yourself, clothes don’t make you but if you look good you do tend to feel good, simples..well ish..

For The Art Of Dad Dancing

Dad dancing, a thing of ridicule – but for me a thing of impending fear..

Definition of dad dancing in English:

[MASS NOUN] British informal
Awkward or unfashionable dancing to pop music, as characteristically performed by middle-aged or older men: for optimum embarrassment of offspring, dad dancing is best performed to REM’s Shiny HappyPeople.

What is it about becoming a dad and losing your sense of rhythm?

Everyone takes the mickey out of Dad Dancing. But hold on a minute; I’m a Dad. I love to dance – I mean I really love to dance and have done since I was a boy, when the Breakdance craze knocked me and million others like me off my feet and onto our hands/knees/heads and kitchen lino in carparks and shopping precincts up and down the country. Breakin’ gave me a sense of timing and rhythm to be able to move and spin around freely and gracefully without feeling like a “Norbert” on the many dancefloors I have crossed paths with.

Breakdance boy

Me Breakin’ as a 9 year old-

Later on as a teenager, watching shows like Dance Energy religiously exposed me to moves like “The Running Man” and “The Wop” I would spend hours practicing like mad in my bedroom, ready to put on show at the weekly youth club and roller discos.

Think of a slightly whiter, more ginger Kid and Play in House Party and you have me to a tee.


Then through my soul and funk days in my 20-30’s I would be dancing at any and every opportunity; never one to be shy of being the first on the floor.


The legendary 60's Motown Star Delphine Reeves, teaches me how move

The legendary 60’s Motown Star Delphine Reeves, teaches me how to move


Since becoming a dad, I don’t really get the chance anymore to dance. Obviously, my clubbing days are well over so the only opportunity I get to boogie is round the kitchen when a good song comes on the wireless. I think it’s more than a case of “If you don’t use it, you lose it” but what I have noticed is both EI’ and I have lost it – When she goes for it now, rather than the soulful sister I spent our dating days going to gigs with, she now goes into what has been christened “The P T.A (As in Parent Teacher Association) boogie” an awkward jazz, side stepping slightly out of time jiggle. Considering ‘Er Indoors was a professional ballet dancer with the Welsh National Opera, she seems to be affected like me, with the curse of the “dad dance” or in her case “mum dance.”

All our years of hard earned practicing moves, has flown out the windows and instead of lots of “Woo Yeah’s” and “Get on downs” we hear “Ouch” and “I need to sit on down, my knees are killing me”. Spinning, high-kicking and tripping our way through the light fantastic seems to be gone in favour of something odd looking and my son, already in his tender years, looks down at scornfully and distastefully like we are embarrassing him.

I can already hear myself in conversation with the teenage Duke “You wait son, I’ll tell you what a demon your old dad used to be on the dancefloor” whilst his eyebrow arches higher than St Paul’s Cathedral as the cringe factor comes rolling in.

I am determined not to let this happen. I now intend to dance as much as possible, even if that means in the supermarket, or on the way home from nursery. I don’t care – I am going to dance till it don’t hurt no more!

So here is a guide and a quick and soulful high-five to all the dads that haven’t lost their inner dancer. Next time someone takes the Mick remember there’s a video that shows how it should be done.

So it’s one for the treble, two for the bass come on everybody lets all ..



What are your favorite moves?