Love Supreme Festival | Five Songs I Can’t Wait To See Live.

A Supreme Level Of Dad Dancing Coming Up

“Sometimes I feel like throwing my hands up in the air
I know I can count on you

Sometimes I feel like saying, “Lord, I just don’t care
But you’ve got the love I need to see me through

Sometimes it seems the going is just too rough
And things go wrong no matter what I do
Now and then I feel like life is just too much
But you’ve got the love I need to see me through.”

Now if you are a person of a certain age, you will probably be part of “A happy face a thumping bass for a loving race”. Remember how good the words above felt to sing out loud in a dark, sweaty club or field surrounded by thousands of muddy hugging smiley dancing strangers?.

However, if you’re like me these days, the only time I get to through my hands up is, in defeat. When I can’t find my ruddy doors keys again or the Duke is playing a fun game of “I am so whiny and tired I can hardly keep my eyes open, but sleep is for the weak”.

In the BC (Before Child) days, Er Indoors’ and I spent many a weekend up to our knees in mud and cider dancing in fields at festivals up and down the country.

8 Years Ago..

8 Years Ago.


Since number one son popped into the world, we have given them a swerve. Those insane souls who take babies to festivals are to be applauded or sectioned depending on your point of view, I know I couldn’t do it.

Now the Duke is three; he is old enough to enjoy them himself we are getting back in full swing.

We started with the most excellent Funk The Family, the one-dayer we went to last week.  We’re are going to get a bit more adventurous and go for a whole weekender.

Step up and shake the booty of Love Supreme,  two days of lush Soul, Jazz and Funk taking place the 3-5th of July in the beautiful village of Glynde just 30 mins from Brighton. (So, if it suddenly rains or we have an emergency we can nip home, I ain’t that hardcore anymore, YOU KNOW THE SCORE!)



There are plenty of festivals to choose from these days, almost too many.  But I wanted to try something that is friendly, with a good reputation of not attracting tw*ts and with enough Soul and Funk to keep us all dancing. Love Supreme seems to do all of this with its dancing shoes and then some.

As a tribute to all the artists appearing, and to get you in the mood for some summertime grooving here are the top five tunes I can’t wait to Dad Dance to when I am there.

Chaka Khan – Ain’t Nobody

Neneh Cherry – Buffalo Stance


Candy Staton – You Got The Love


Lisa Stansfield – Been Around The World


Hackney Colliery Band – No Diggity


Hope you enjoy listening. If you don’t what’s wrong with you? These are classic platters that matter!.

Do you go to festivals with the nippers, or do you ship them off to the in-laws so you can enjoy your time child-free?. I know Duke, as he was born to dance will love it.

But the selfish part of me wants not for me or Er Indoors’ have to go back to camp at eight o’clock for a bedtime. Just for a night give us the chance to dance in the nighttime air till we can’t dance no more. Together as we used to.

That’s not horrible is it? #BadDadAlert!

Monkey World Review | 3 Go Wild at Monkey World

Monkeying Around in Dorset. Chimps, Weddings and Nick Clegg.

Tarzan had Cheetah, Keith Harris (R.I.P) had ‘Cuddles’, PG tips had ‘Right said Fred’, Michael Jackson had Bubbles and Justin Bieber had the one he cruelly forgot about at Customs. We had ‘Monkey Dave’.


King of Monkey World

King of Monkey World


However, Monkey Dave, or Dave to his friends, has been on the bit of a losing streak recently. Duke is getting older and is now firmly fixated with anything Fire/Policeman/Buzz related so doesn’t get as many outings as he used to do (All very Toy Storyish isn’t it…)


When Duke Met Buzz

When Duke Met Buzz


So when the kind people at the RSPCA invited us to Monkey World for the day to find out more about our primate cousins and the excellent world they do in rehousing and rehabilitating, I thought why not use it as a chance to reignite Duke’s interest in Dave a bit.

When I told Er Indoors we had been invited along, the conversation went something like this:

EI’ “You do realise when they rehouse monkeys they don’t let you bring them home, so we might face some tears before bedtime and agonised begging.”

Me “No Duke will be fine, he’ll understand that they can’t come back with us.”

EI ” It’s not him I’m worried about, it’s you”.

(Cheek of it, but in all fairness she is right…)

Duke has only seen monkeys close up at London Zoo, where we went when all my friends were turning 40 last year and was pretty enamoured, so I was quite looking forward to seeing his face when we got there. When I found out that our destination is set in 65 acres I tried to explain to him how many monkeys we were going to see. Duke couldn’t quite wrap his curly nit haven of a head around it ( Nor me imagining the banana bill alone for those fella’s, jeez!)

This is how we got on.


Feeding Time at Monkey World

Feeding Time at Monkey World


Sadly we discovered they have a strict but wholly understandable ‘No holding’ rule on the all the locals. Think about it; some of the boys and girls there have been rescued from horrific torture after being stolen by poachers and used in scientific experiments or as photographers or circus props. To protect them from close ups with the average rabidly ‘affectionate’ child poking and prodding them is pretty fair enough, (but it doesn’t stop you wanting to have a huggathon, especially when you see the baby ones). 


Up Yours Mate

Up Yours Mate!


They also have a “No Scooter” rule that we found out at the gates- so be warned; you may have to return it back to the car to pack it away again. Fortunately, the lovely lady at the counter saw our issue and kindly offered to mind it for a couple of hours. (However considering how much of a walk it is for little legs around the 65 acres a scooter would have come in handy!)


And Then There Were Two

And Then There Were Two


Monkey World is recognised as experts in primate rehabilitation and health. They bring in experts such as paediatricians, dentists, nose and throat surgeons, ophthalmic specialists, and gynaecologists. (Imagine having that on your business card ‘Monkey Gynaecologist’; certainly raise a few questions wouldn’t it?).


Quick Game of Hide & Seek

Quick Game of Hide & Seek


It doesn’t take a brain surgeon to realise the costs of this entire expert and loving care does not come cheap. So Monkey World relies heavily upon donations and funds received from the adoption scheme. 100% of which goes back into monkey welfare, which you can find out more about here >


Can I Live Here?

Can I Live Here?


Even so the day itself wasn’t that bad; at an entrance cost of £ 11 per adult, under 3’s free and £1.65 for an ice-cream.


Right I'm Off!

Right, I’m Off!

The cafe did attract long queues, so do what most people seem to do and bring a picnic as there are plenty of beautiful places to take a break. And you will need a break regularly as Monkey World is massive. Luckily, there are also tonnes of play places for the little ones who have deemed it necessary to become monkeys themselves to have a climb and run around.

There were a couple of things I didn’t expect to see. A wedding; apparently you can get married there so the smartly dressed guests mingled around looking mildly amused as scores of people wandered through their ‘enclosed’ space with buggies looking for chimp action.

The other was coming face to face with Nick Clegg. Yes, that Nick Clegg, who was there with his sons just wandering around enjoying the Bank Holiday on his own. I did feel a bit sorry for him as people did seem to gawp more than they did when the saw a baby chimp fall of his mums back.

I would definitely recommend Monkey World as a place to visit if you have active little chimps of your own, or even if you are a grumpy old Gorilla like me. It’s really nice to see them play and explore up close and know that they are safe and looked after by people who are trained experts in monkey cuddling and other such cool jobs.


Ice Cream Dreams

Ice Cream Dreams


You can’t take a monkey home; that is a massive shame. But you can make sure that your own pet is well looked after, as the nice people at the RSPCA advise. If you don’t have a pet can I suggest adopting one – You get all the fun and love and don’t have to clean up any of the mess.  Could you do this with a toddler hmm?

As a final note, poor old Monkey Dave is still not getting any attention so in that we failed, but Duke is now convinced he is actually a chimp. Duke won’t stop climbing and asking when we can go back, so the day out must have been a success.

Have you been to Monkey World and actually see lots of monkeys, or did your little monkeys want to spend most of the day playing in climbing zones like ours?


And I Would Walk 500 Miles To See You Do Doggy Style In A Brighton Park

Brighton Fringe Festival

#brightonfringe #doggy style

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is in full swing at the moment and the weird and wonderful have taken to the streets.

I’ve seen some strange things in my time, this was just one of them. I’m not sure who was enjoying it more, the kids or the adults.