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Welcome to the new look Don’t Believe The Hype. ‘So here it is; a groove slightly transformed. A little break from the norm of all those hardcore PR blogs that had gotten to be..’

Ok, less of the Fresh Prince and thanks for dropping by. If you have been here before you may be a bit perplexed by the change. I started DBTH in 2012 as a  successful Social PR agency so this site was purely business focused.

Fast forward two years there been a change in groove and perspective so to speak; the site for the business is no longer needed but rather than just delete or let it lay dormant and go to waste I thought I would refresh it and use it as my personal space.

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3 Go Wild in Worthing – Goodbye Brighton.

“Ever since I was a kid, I always wanted to be a Gangster”. The immortal opening lines to the film  GoodFellas. But ever since I was a kid, or an 8 year old Mini Mod in 1982 to be precise (the first time I saw Quadrophenia) I wanted to live in Brighton. Having spent my formative years in Tunbridge Wells, Brighton seemed like a world away.

As a teenager I realised Brighton was only 1.5 hours away on the bus. Coming down to watch my first “big” gig then later as student clubbing at the legendary Brighton Jazz bop’s I fell deeply in love with the special air and vibe the town has.


Brighton is kind of magical. With the weird and wonderful people and their devil may care attitude to all things cool and music related it is an extremely accepting and tolerant environment. It was only a matter of time before I moved there.

A matter of time happened to be 15 or so years later when I met my ‘Er Indoors. I remember I called ‘EI who was then living on a farm in Wales. I said “Let’s move to Brighton” she said “yeah why not.” As simple as that. We did. That was one of the best decisions I have ever made.

6 dancing and 3 job filled years later, being a grown up caught up with us. With the extortionate price of property in the area, shit parking, the Hove mummy mafia to content with and the ever growing needs of Duke we reluctantly to upped sticks and move to Worthing. And haven’t looked back since.

Now if you told me in the BC (before child) years I would not only like somewhere like Worthing and it’s “Life on Mars” attitude, but actually embrace it, you would have been met with a scorning “WTF” look. No not me I was a Brightonian and I wanted to stay that way.

Then about a year of so ago, I met a lovely fella through work who I started hanging out with. He had moved over to Worthing a couple of years earlier and kept on at me, selling its benefits as the place to raise an active family. In fact he did such a good job he should be a poster boy for Worthing Tourist Board eh Al? He started by showing me this video he has just finished.

See Worthing as never before in this video.

So me and ‘EI  came over a few times and saw how clean the beach was (not many West Street Stag do’s over here) how friendly the people were and how beautiful the Art Deco architecture. More importantly that we could swap a two-bed flat on Hove seafront for a lovely 3 bed house with a garden and save money. Three train stations for 30 mins on the train and you can be back in Brighton. What was not to love? The deal was done.

Rather than a huge amount of decaying miserable elderly people I expected to encounter I was amazed at the amount of happy young families and fellas wearing decent trainers that I kept seeing. This meant Worthing wasn’t what I imagined; in fact it was kind of perfect.

Don’t get me wrong Worthing does still have a large amount of older citizens, but why not? They are here for a reason; mainly because they tend to be much wiser and know there is something special in the sea air down here that drives you a little wild.

Go wild in Sunny Worthing

Go wild in Sunny Worthing

And, if the amount of people I see down at the Waterwise adventure playground keeps growing, West Worthing is fast becoming like the “Poet’s Corner” but without the high level of precocious tw”ts – It just needs a few decent pubs that play good music that deters the nutters.

I am going to be writing a lot more about this wonderful town, so let me know if there is something you think I should check out round here.