Social PR – What is it?

It’s where Public Relations creates Personal Relationships and Positive Reactions create Public Recommendations.

Social PR in principle it’s just like traditional PR, in regards to managing reputations and developing relationships that help influence opinion and behaviour; what makes it different is the level of creativity, technology and community interaction involved. The barriers between consumers, brands and businesses have come down and the science of search engine optimisation (SEO) and Social media has changed the way we interact with them.

The growth of social networks such as Facebook and mobile communications such as iPhone’s and Blackberries means millions more of us every day are using them to research and inform,engage with friends and brands alike, when we want to.

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By seeking and giving recommendations, voicing and sharing opinions. Those opinions matter as they affect the way we look at situations, reputations, events and ultimately purchasing decisions.

Prove it :

Social proof is the culture of recommendations, these days consumers (us) make purchasing decisions based not on paid for celebrity endorsement and the hard sell, but it the recommendation of others, those within our own communities, that we trust relate and respond to.

There are five types of social proof:

Expert : Approval from a credible expert, such as an respected blogger or industrial authority.

Celebrity : Approval or endorsements from celebrities, especially those that are unpaid.

User : Approval from current customers such as testimonials, case studies and reviews.

Crowds’ : Approval from large groups of other people to whom you relate.

Friends’ : Approval from your friends or people you know. If we like something we tell people if we don’t like it we tell people, however with the immediacy of social media those messages are liked, shared, pinned and spread in seconds appearing in search results beside and quite often above those of the actual company site.

By creating great content that informs, engages, entertains and educates it’s adds real value, personality and honestly to your approach. So by monitoring, listening, reacting, responding and interacting in those communities you create relationships that benefits your reputation.

Social PR isn’t a quick fix. It’s about creating, building and nurturing positive, fulfilling relationships with individuals and communities. It’s more like a fresh way of thinking. Great social PR integrates seamlessly with your marketing plans, filtering through everything you do.

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