With a combined background of more than four decades than working in PR, Digital & the Broadcast media for a wealth of international brands; we know a thing or two about what makes client’s hysterical with happiness.

Our stories have been featured in the Guardian, the BBC, Huffington Post, Sky Arts, The Frank Skinner TV Show and Buzzfeed for the simple reason; we understand how to create content that engages, entertains, informs and educates an audience.

14285462_10154477899341948_1883230325_oGot A Story You Want Us To Help You Tell?

If you represent a brand that you’d like to get in front of an audience of thousands of 70’s/80’s kids and get them talking about, listening to, buying into and sharing your stories; then you are in the right place.

Are You A Dad With A Great Story To Tell?

We are looking to expand our digital dad’s army of storytellers, so if you have something that you want to get off your chest or a memory that you want to share then drop us a line.

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