3D Printing – Breaking The Mould in Brighton

The concept of 3D printing is one that has really caught on in recent times, with appearances in Asda through to Paris Fashion Week making the headlines.

As part of the fantastic Brighton Digital Festival “Break the Mould”, the interactive 3D printing installation created by digital agency Developing Dreams, Brighton based Italian artist Emilia Telese and Ian and Marcus co-founders of 3Dify, proved a highlight of the event.

When I was invited to take part in the installation at the Jubilee Library, I couldn’t really believe my luck; for a child of the 70’s like myself it really was a sci-fi dream come true.

With 3D printing the possibilities really do seem endless, so it was fascinating to see how it works close up and be part of something that really is quite revolutionary.

Mini Me Time.

Around 400 people have so far taken part, from pregnant women to a 94-year-old man. The opportunity to capture your likeness using this fantastic and very user friendly technology is a concept that has really caught people’s attention and started many a “What if” conversations.

Here’s a round-up of some of my favourite images from the event.

Now how about getting all those 400 characters together for a Christmas party?

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