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Worthing's New Superhero "Speedermann"

Newflash! The Mean Streets Of Worthing Are Now A Safer Place, Thanks To A New Superhero

Worthing Superhero

Worthing’s New Superhero

Reports in the local media have suggested all “Baddies” better be on the look out as there is a new Superhero in town.

Armed only with a willingness to climb all over the sofa (after mummy has told him not to again) the new 2’5 ft tall Superhero, who answers to the name of “Speedermann” (sic) has been striking fear into the hearts of the Baddies in the Worthing area.

Local Police Commissioner Daddy has been quoted in saying ” Thank god for his presence,  the dark and crazy no-man’s land between the bathroom and the boy’s bedroom is now a much a safer place. We haven’t quite conquered the landing outside Mummy &  Daddy’s bedroom, but I am sure with the help of Speedermann and his trusted sidekick “Stick”  the honest citizens of the toy box may again sleep peacefully in their beds.”

However friendly this new warrior of our streets may seem be warned!  Please do approach with caution as he has been known to offer a lethal stamp on the nadgers to half-asleep parents at 5.30 am in the morning.

More news as we get it…

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  1. Websta says:

    Brilliant, I think all parents can relate to the mashed potatoes at 5.30am.

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