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A Life Lived On Instagram. What My Son Will Say When He Turns 18

Even though I am not part of the Hipster Selfie loving generation I love Instagram. I’ve even printed out some of the images in a polaroid style and have them around the house as “artwork”. Going through my feed the other night I realised that I have been capturing, snapping and sharing almost as long as Duke has been dribbling and showing us what life is really about.

Many of his unguarded and precious moments have been shared with my 3,000+ followers; I haven’t got the foggiest who most of them really are, and probably never will.

But I do have an insight into their lives, loves and travels  from a swipe of a thumb, as they do with mine. I realised that unless the people I care about have Instagram or Twitter then they won’t get to see precious moments unless they pinch my phone, crack my passcode and find the app. Even ‘Er Indoors hadn’t seen some of the photos which is kinda sad.

The other thing I realised with Instagram is that you take a quick snap and  make it sexy by adding some cool filters and the obligatory hashtag – but you don’t ever really tell the story behind the image. So before I get too old or forgetful , I have put together some of my favourite images of Duke captured via his life on Instagram and added some background around it, in the form of the comments he might say and the questions he may ask when he is old enough to read this.

(The slideshow is best viewed by clicking the icon in the bottom right-hand corner to make it full screen, then sit back press play and enjoy)

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