Granddad Dan Turns On The Sunshine
Granddad Dan Turns On The Sunshine

Before I was somebody’s father – I was somebody’s son. – A poem for my father.

My father passed away on the 10th, a live changing event for any of us when a dearly loved parent goes. But my Dad really was something very special, and since becoming a Dad myself I have had a glimpse into just how much he did for me.

Below, is the poem I wrote for his funeral. I hope it makes you think about your parents, so if you still have the opportunity – Go give them a big big hug..

Three generations of Flanagan boys...

Three generations of Flanagan boys…

Before I was somebody’s father – I was somebody’s son. – A poem for my father.

Before I was somebody’s father – I was somebody’s son.

And belonged to the big hairy hand that steadied me – when I was learning to run.

To walk and to talk, to shout and to scream

The broad shoulders to lean on, teaching me how to laugh and to dream.

Back so strong, with the weight of the world of your shoulders

And one son, three daughters and five cheeky grandkids — to help you grow older.

You always danced to your own tune — played by a strange and unorthodox band

I can see you now — sat on a bench, cuppa of tea and newspaper in hand.

You are the big shoes that I could never quite fill

With a mind full of schemes —– that would never sit still.

The kind hearted soul with sparkling blue eyes, born just for laughing

And quick witted feet made for goals and for dancing.

The same hands made for drawing and for holding a beer

Are the same hands made for helping and for holding us dear.

Never told you I love you nearly enough times

Public displays of affection, the most audacious of crimes

The message was passed on instead by thought and in deed

So thank you daddy — by building me strong —-you gave me all that I need

But the last time I saw you, I think you understood

I looked in your eyes ——-I knew that Blackpool boy had done good

So now I know it’s time for you to go, but I’m not quite ready or set

Our Father , my hero –  a man we will never forget.

Daniel John Flanagan 28/3/1942 – 10/11/2014 – Rest in Peace Daddy .xx

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Editor | Journalist | Part-Time Revolutionary.

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2 Responses

  1. The Secret Father says:

    Sorry for your loss. That’s a really nice poem for your dad. Dads are ace. I lost mine a few years ago but I think about him most days still. Such an important presence.

    • Dan says:

      Thanks mate, I know what you mean my dad still pops up in the least unexpected places. I make sure I say hello to him in the mornings when I see a beautiful sunrise or when something that makes me smile.

      Most importantly for me, I want to make sure my son knows lots about his grandad and he is never forgotten.

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