Braun Cooltec
Braun Cooltec

The Top Ten Things that Fashionable Dads Actually want for Christmas Part 2

Feeling Fine and Dandy.

In our house we don’t do “folk” we do “funk”; that’s why you never catch me with a beard – as I’ve said before, I am no Hipster – and the fact that I’d look like a Cornish fisherman with a big ginger beard means I can only go a couple of days without a shave.

Because of this, and various time constraints, it’s usually a quick once over with something like the excellent Braun Cooltec (£99.99)

Braun Cooltec

Braun Cooltec

Because I am a sensitive type of guy (honest guv!) I obviously have very sensitive skin, so having a shaver that cools and calms at the press of a button is pretty much ideal. No need for rashes or slapping on a range of moisturisers afterwards – which is a godsend, not only in saving money but also (most importantly for me) time; especially in the chaos which is getting a toddler ready for nursery in the morning.

However, every now again I like to treat myself to a proper wet shave so I discovered that and old school type Erasmic Pure Shave Bristle Brush £2.99 combined with Erasmic Lather Shave Cream containing Camomile (£2.49) from Savers and a Wilkinson Sword Hydro Groomer set (£14.99)

Wilkinson Sword Hydro Groomer

Wilkinson Sword Hydro Groomer

works wonders together, creating a rich lather and a trim edge close enough to set. I’m not quite brave enough to try a Sweeney Todd razor and a hot towel and a run down by a fat Turkish guy is not quite on the agenda – so this works really well as a slightly less embarrassing option.

Right, now you feeling all smooth-cheeked time to slip into something a little slimming.

Imagine if you will a reverse Wonderbra for blokes that rather than putting it all out there , suck it all back in without any unnecessary lumps bumps and sweaty pits – sounds good eh? Then the Tone Tee (£19.99)  is t-shirt is just for you. A simply marvellous idea excellently executed with stretchable panel and temperature controlled which means you can breathe comfortably rather than sweat profusely whilst you instantly get a bit slimmer. Result !!!

Any ideas on other great products that make you feel better?

Come back tomorrow for part 3 of:

The Top Ten Things that Fashionable Dads Actually want for Christmas

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