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Beatboxing Legends By Dan LISH

The Top Ten Things that Fashionable Dads Actually want for Christmas Part 4

Things that make you go hmmm..

Things you don’t actually need serve little purpose but are generally very nice to look at and give up massive bragging rights when other dads pop in for a cuppa – come on, every dad needs something nice to look at (apart from his adoring family of course). So here are few little treats that have caught my eye recently.

Kung Fu Bookends Anyone?

Yes! Of course, the answer is yes – What dad in his right mind would not want a pair of bookends that double as high kicking stickmen. £15.00 from Justmustard

Kung Fu Bookends

Kung Fu Bookends

Warning – To er on the side of caution, I must remind readers of a certain age and less flexible disposition that just because the stickmen can do high kicks doesn’t automatically mean you can – I tried and it hurt, a lot. I had to sit down afterwards and my wife’s callous laugh at my stupidity will haunt me forever. 40 is too old to be a Ninja…apparently.

Show Off Your Sounds

Still got your vinyl? Most of mine is safely locked away until Duke is old enough to learn just how precious vinyl is and how it is not to be used as a frisbee, come kung-fu throwing star, come sandwich to be dribbled over. However, this genius double record frame (£19.99) from is just right to show off the vinyl and the cover, or the inside of a gate-fold – (Remember the beauty of gatefold albums?) – and gives you the chance to show off your sounds in a safe environment – i.e. out of the reach of little paws.

Double Album Record Frame

Double Album Record Frame

Dan Lish Artwork –

If you are a dad of a certain age, it very likely that like me you grew up through the 80’s listening to Rap – and by Rap I mean Rap – not this horrid two bob nonsense the kids today listen to. If this the case then Dan’s artwork will really resonate with you. So why not get someone to treat you to a piece of limited edition artwork? Not only is it stunning, it will most probably become very collectable and therefore very valuable in years to come. Forget Banksy – this is where the real talent is . . . invest wisely. You can read an interview with the talented artist Dan here in one of my previous posts.

Blockparty By Dan Lish

Blockparty By Dan Lish

You Want To Be Adored?

If old school Rap wasn’t your thing, then how about the Stones Roses?  If neither of these musical styles is your thing, I am not sure we can ever truly be friends. Continuing the arty theme, how’s this? If the Stone Roses had been novelists rather than musicians here’s how their bibliography might look. Each book in this print corresponds to a track on that album, arranged in the order they appear on the original vinyl release. They’re all based on those wonderful, classic Penguin and Pelican paperback book designs – £18.00 via Etsy.


Stone Roses Artwork

Stone Roses Artwork

Any ideas on other great products that make you feel better?

Come back tomorrow for part 5 of “The Top Ten Things that Fashionable Dads Actually want for Christmas”.

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