Worthing Beach At Sunset
Worthing Beach At Sunset

The Wonders of Worthing Beach

Walking In A Worthing Wonderland

Since moving to Worthing and having Duke I’ve been spending a lot more time down at the beach. (We are pretty fortunate to live a 10-minute walk from the sea) There is the obvious child-friendly reason; fresh air, a never ending list of games to play and places to explore in pretty much most weathers (and it’s free of course). A quick game of Pirates at Waterwise anyone?

Since turning 40 last year I have come to appreciate the beach and Worthing is just a lot nicer than Brighton. It is cleaner and surrounded by stunning Art Deco/60’s inspired architecture like the Lido, Pier and Dome. I sometimes imagine I am on the set of a Carry On film as this is the perfect backdrop.

I suppose mainly Worthing beach is nicer because it is much less crowded by the gangs of inconsiderate objectionable knobheads that Brighton beach seems to had/has/have in abundance. Don’t get me wrong I love the beach in Brighton (I work 2 min’s away so that is where I spend my lunchtime weather/work permitting) – New Year’s resolution number 121 – “Start taking lunch breaks”… But that’s a different story.

I think I just got fed up of all the litter that tourist/weekend warrior people discard. At the height of summer, the amount is truly horrific. (Around 23 Tonnes at a weekend) – What I did really like was the stalls and the little market that they had where the site of the new 360i now stands, killing the local culture.

Anyway, what I really started to notice is that the Sunrise and Sunsets over in Worthing seem to be stunning. I don’t know if that is because there is less pollution over here or just that I now actually look up more often and actually appreciate what is on my front door step. – Probably is the latter, I can’t seem to get enough of them; they really are some of the most stunning sights I have seen in my life.

If you have been following me on Instagram you’ll know I snap away at these quite frequently, so here, for your viewing pleasure are a few of my recent favourites.


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Where’s your favourite view?

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2 Responses

  1. martyn says:

    What great pictures!! It is moments like this that make you appreciate the area you’re in.

  2. Gary Mathews says:

    Awesome photography, I envy you for lunch breaks on the beach!

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