We Are The Mods
We Are The Mods

I Bet You’ll Look Good On My Dads Floor

As part of a  new series of posts,  I am going to be writing a bit of a style guide for us Dads. Not that I am claiming to be some kind of Gok Wan, but I do know a decent suit and a pair of shoes when I see them.  Working around Brighton I am surrounded by some very stylish people and some who try very hard to be but actually come off like they are trying just a bit tooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo hard to look good, act like they are living some kind of nefarious type lifestyle  and end up making themselves look a bit of a dick..



You’ll know if you are like me, even though you might have spent 30 years being interested in clothes and dressing well as soon as you hit 40  or that little bundle of joy hits your world, your time and wallet rapidly removes clothes away down your priority list. No point spending a fortune on nice shirts only for little Jimmy to pee, poo and puke down it.

But I am not quite ready to give up being worried what how I dress and take comfort over style every time. Although,  I do admit those trousers with adjustable elasticated drawstring trousers you see in the back of the Sunday Magazines are looking pretty darn good I must admit. (Joking!)

But there is something about seeing another dad that has a well-trimmed haircut or a decent pair of trainers on down the park, you know that not only you can have a chat about all things child related, but you are probably going to have a lot in common music and culture wise.  You get a certain nod or knowing look that even if you don’t talk,  it is understood that is you will probably share a common past as well as common future as a dad, daft isn’t it?..

There is also the point when you feel like a bit too old to dress well, that my friend is nonsense. You don’t have to drape yourself in the latest styles or labels, the simple trick is to find a style that what works for you, find your inner style warrior and buy well so it lasts. Roughly formed mine  it’s a mix of  old school trainers with fat laces, desert boots,

We Are The Mods

We Are The Mods

well fitting jeans, slim cut button-down shirt and a decent blazer. Oh and a hat, I LOVE my hats, but more of that later.

Don’t be afraid to be yourself, clothes don’t make you, but if you look good you do tend to feel good, simples..well ish..

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2 Responses

  1. martyn says:

    Good post. I’m rubbish with my fashion sense. I am one of those who tries hard but some how fails. As for choosing clothes if I’m honest I a: only buy clothes from Burton (as I like the quality) and b: just choose as whole outfit that a dummy is wearing. It’s actually a joke in our local store. They know me by name….joke I pay their salary and go “which one you choosing today”…or “whilst dressing this I had you in mind”
    So any fashion guides and tips will be duly appreciated.

    • Dan says:

      Haha – That is certainly one way to look at it Mart, I think it is just about trying to be a bit brave – Sometimes the dummies are dressed like 18 years boys and as such I can’t quite carry that look off well -SAY NO SKINNY JEANS!!!!

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