Grandmaster Flash in Worthing
Well I never, Grandmaster Flash live in Worthing!

Grandmaster Flash – Old School Not Old Age!

Grandmaster Flash comes to Worthing

So we get one of Hip Hop’s founding fathers, Grandmaster Flash, coming to Worthing. This old town really is on the turn, isn’t it? This combined with Brighton’s own master of the mature decksDJ Format and the odd squad member that is Susan’s Leg Policy as support means only two things. One, that the dancefloor is going to be packed and two, the babysitters of Worthing are in for a massive payday!


Poster for the Grandmaster Flash gig in Worthing in June 2015

Well I never, Grandmaster Flash live in Worthing


Susan's Leg Policy

Susan’s Leg Policy


I really can’t wait for this gig.  Being a lover of old school rap music (or just rap music before it sold out and became the tosh most of it is today), this is right up my street. The song “The Message” was the tune that first got me into this type of music, before I even knew what it was. Back in 1982, listening to ‘the Top 40’ countdown on a Sunday (back when it was a religion to do so, or be an outcast in the school playground the next day), the hook of “Don’t Push Me Coz I’m Close To The Edge” stuck in my 8-year-old head and has never really left.

Time to dig out my tracksuit and lino…



What’s your favorite old school track?

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2 Responses

  1. Sarah Kirkup says:

    Great post! My favourite slightly younger ( I was born in 1987) ‘Old School’ track is Nate Dogg & Warren G -‘Regulate’ or TQ – ‘Westside’. And yes, I can rap/recite both of them word perfect.

    Enjoy your gig.
    Sarah K

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