Clarks Shoes Review | Shame On You!
Clarks Shoes Review | Shame On You!

Clarks Shoes Review | Stop Selling To Kids!

Clarks Shoes Review.

We popped into Worthing town centre on Saturday, we had a few bits of shopping to get then off to the seafront for some proper fun.

Duke was in need of some new shoes. To me, as a traditionalist you say kids shoes you think Clarks Shoes, but now after my latest experience that won’t be happening again without it leaving a nasty taste in my mouth.

The trip to their shop started normally enough. A top floor full of parents and kids (who were being wooed by helpful looking young ladies and an iPad to keep them entertained) while they got measured up.

Passing the time until we got served, we found a couple of pairs that looked nice, fitted the budget and Duke’s wishes, i.e., they have to flash!. The crowd finally thinned, Pulp’s “Common People” came on the store stereo and I thought to myself, “Nice work Clarks you have got yourself a very happy customer, you know how to make a Daddy like me smile“. How wrong I was.

We got welcomed by an assistant called Lauren and measured up (7 and a half F, if you’re asking) we asked to see if we could have the sizes in the shoes. She came back a couple of minutes later with a few boxes of shoes.

This is where it goes wrong. First up, she takes out possibly the most disgusting shoes I have ever seen and proceeded to “Hard Sell” them directly to my 3-year-old. These were not the shoes we had we had chosen; these were the choice of Mr. Fricking Tumble spaced on out on some weird psychedelic Acid trip”.- And you know how much I hate Mr. Tumble. I explained my displeasure but felt almost ignored as she looked to get my son hyped up about them.

So now we have a three-year-old utterly convinced that he needs these shoes, or he will self-combust. I must admit rather than facing the prospect of a full-on potential toddler tantrum, I bottled it. I gave in; I brought them and the shoes we had originally wanted (without having tried them on) just to get out of the shop in one piece. That way we could keep what had been a happy day a continued happy day. It didn’t, but it did leave a really nasty taste in my mouth, I expected better from Clarks.

Clarks Shoes Review

Clarks Shoes Make Me Feel Like This

When we did get home and managed to try finally the shoes we originally wanted on, we found out one of them didn’t actually flash, so we now need to go back to the store and get a refund. Normally it would have been an exchange, but considering how p”ssed off I feel, I just want the money back and will be taking out long term custom elsewhere. It’s a shame, I have a lot of fond memories about Clarks over the years, we got Duke’s very first ever pair of shoes from the Clarks in Hove and still have the photo they gave us (Nice marketing touch btw!)

It got me thinking, was I the only one that this has happened to? (Quick check on Netmums throws up reams of complaints about a multitude of issues) was I weak-minded because I didn’t as I really wanted to face a tantrum and spoil a nice day out ( Yes possibly, but I doubt I am the only one hat has ever done this ) or was this common practice and a cheap sales technique picked up by some second rate footwear candidate from “The Apprentice” practiced on busy parents? ( I reckon so)

As a parent, I expect to be consulted not feel like I have been suckered into a corner, have my views completely ignored and have my child sold to.

Clarks Shoes Review | Shame On You!

Clarks Shoes Review | Shame On You!

What do you think? Have you ever felt suckered into making a purchase by someone selling directly to your child rather than you?

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8 Responses

  1. Becster says:

    Oooo naughty Clarks! Our experience have been hit and miss with them. We walked into the department they had at Chester’s Mother are store but they refused to measure Little Miss’ feet without socks. We went back to the car to get the socks and when we got back 3 couples had walked in and were being served. The staff completely blanked us and after 20minuts of waiting we gave up! The department has since closed which doesn’t surprise me. Although we had a good experience with the Traffird Centre store I must admit.

    • Dan says:

      Thanks for reading Becster.

      Surely they should have a few pairs of spares of socks in the back store room, that could have been used? But as for being ignored is just downright rude. Customer service 101!

      Before this, I had nothing but good words to say about them. It shows what one bad experience can do.

  2. John Adams says:

    Fascinating. I have never experienced this at Clark’s. The whole Clark’s can be overwhelming but I’ve never had an assistant sell to my daughters. I would probably have stuck my ground and lived out the tantrum…but then I can be an awkward sod! #BigFatLinky

    • Dan says:

      Hey John,

      I’m an awkward sod as well ( well according to my wife..) but its just the fact, that I shouldn’t have had to be made to feel like this in the first place.

  3. Stephanie says:

    Shocking. While kids should have a say in what they wear, Clarks (and other retailers) should remember who’s footing the bill and act accordingly and with respect, as not only would the tantrum happen on the shop floor (no doubt affecting the happy shopper vibe) but the bill payer may, as you are doing just choose to go elsewhere. And your three yo has plenty more new shoes to come, such bad business advice, hey?, #thelist

    • Dan says:

      Exactly Stephanie. I thought the idea was to keep shoppers happy long term and they will keep returning to you. “Screw” them over and they have long memories!

  4. I haven’t had this yet as Baby is only 2, but it would really annoy me. Great post. Thanks so much for linking up to #TheList (if you could add our badge or link back that would be great) x

  5. al says:

    Good to read this again and for it to be linked up to #bigfatlinky to share with others. Cheers buddy.

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