The Breakin Convention Park Jam 2015 | Review

Breakin’ Convention – Beats, Rhymes and Family Time


Just Chillin' in a B-Boy Stance

Just Chillin’ in a B-Boy Stance

It’s usually the same, whenever you meet new people the conversation often comes around to “So, what type of music you into?”. Now depending on who you are with this comes as a bit of a dilemma.

My first love of over 30 years is Rap, well the whole Hip-Hop culture, but telling new people as a 40 something white bloke can be a bit pain and it shouldn’t be. – As soon as they hear that, they show their ignorance and go into a silly accent, throw up pretend gang signs with their hands and saying “Yo” a lot. Then they ask well what sort? I say “Old School”, they then say “Yeah me too” and go on about what they love about Eminem and Snoop Dogg…..

At this stage, rather than wanting to sound like a pretentious music pr”ck, or get into a long drawn-out argument  I usually start talking about my other interests to get them off the subject (Or just send them a link to video below if they are really interested). I’ve loved Hip-Hop since 1982-83, for me and many other “Ageing B-Boys” it’s something special that has stayed with us throughout the years, despite being twisted and commercialised into what you see today.

I know, I sound like an old b”stard but 98% of Rap they probably hear isn’t the music I listened to, the anthems of my past were never about bitches and hoes and killing people.

At its very essence Rap is a cornerstone of Hip-Hop that’s message was about “Peace, Unity, Love and Having Fun” – that’s what a lot of people misjudge and misconceive. So, when an event like the “Park Jam” happens, I make sure we attend.



“The Breakin’ Convention’s Park Jam has earned a reputation as one of the UK’s realest hip hop events. Taking things back to the roots of the culture, this jam is suitable for the whole family. A funk-filled, open-air dance, music and art extravaganza and like all of the best things in life, this event is free!”

In its third year, the Park Jam takes place on the first Bank Holiday in May just around the corner from the Sadlers Wells Theatre in London. Where for the preceding two days dancers and dance fans from around the world converge to take part in an incredible festival of talent that has to be seen to be believed.



They provide top quality entertainment that epitomises the Hip-Hop that I love. It brings together people from different races, colours, ages and backgrounds together who share one thing in common, the love for the true meaning of Hip-Hop as it was back in the day.



Kids run, play, laugh and learn while Rappers and DJ’s light up the stage, street gymnasts show off their muscles in amazing Block workouts. Incredible Graf artists produce huge murals and most importantly for me, people spontaneously dance, not because they are performing but because they want to and they just can’t help it, no matter what their ages.



For me over the last three years of attending it has become almost a bit of a pilgrimage  (despite the 3-hour each-way journey). I get the chance to see old friends, meet new ones, watch or take part and feel part of something special. It’s also the chance to show my son what it is all about – safe in the comfort that he hopefully will be inspired to try expressing himself positively. And if this year is anything to go by, he will…


Breakin Convention Young Dancer

Duke Getting Ready


A massive shout out goes out to Jonzi-D and the entire BC team for their amazing work and tireless passion in putting on such a brilliantly organised event. Thank you for keep the flag flying, the flame burning, the turntables turning, the b-boys burning and most importantly the “Peace, Unity, Love and Having Fun” central to our hearts.


The DBTH Crew at Breakin Convention

The DBTH Crew Parkside


If you want to find out more about the Breakin’ Convention, then you should visit the site here –

Where you there? If so let me know what your favorite part of the day was in the comments below.

And if you weren’t there, why the devil not?


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5 Responses

  1. Susan says:

    I enjoyed reading your post. It’s funny how the first thing usually asked IS what sort of music do you listen to?. Thanks for linking up 🙂

  2. Dcameron says:

    A stark contrast to what I believe to be a simple facade. You see, most of the participants of this so called hip hop culture are actually real street yobs, thugs whatever you may. They still take pride in being the “toughest on the block” and rebelling against the white man. In fact these are as dangerous as the gun toting Mexican gangs, yet in a more subtle way. They still contain the animalistic aggression of the street, and their hatred for the white man is absolute and uncanny.

    They may claim to be different from the Americans but all hip hoppers are the same, promoters of the culture at any cost. The radio play given to such fire acts as little Wayne is applauded by many bboys and they do little to combat his negative message. Rather, they encourage it and repeat his asinine lyricism.

  3. DCameron says:

    What a load of utter tripe. It’s all merely a facade. This hip hop culture needs to be banned. NOW! It’s members are merely thugs and yobs still channeling the intense anger for the white man through other mediums. They claim to be spreading peace and love but yet do not bat an eye lid when radio hip hop artists brag about killing and drug deals. They are merely applauding this . They would blame everything on our darling politicians and bankers who work hard at making this country great, yet fail to see the violent anger they project with their music and dancing .

  4. James says:

    Can I ask what music scene you feel most affinity to DCameron?
    Can you also tell on what evidence you’re basing your claims about the ‘participants’?

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