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Worthing's New Superhero "Speedermann"

Do You Know What Time It Is?

Yeeeahhhh Boyyeeee I know what time it is more than if I was Flavor Flav’s horologist, but number one son is currently learning how to tell the time and is having a bit of trouble getting his little head around it. You know the two most important times for a 3-year-old? Bedtime and time to go back to bed as it too bleeding early to get up.

Learning to Tell the Time for Toddlers

Of course, there are other very important times.  Dinnertime, toilet time,  playtime, bath time, story time, rhyme time, stop jumping up and down on daddy’s lap as you have drop-kicked me in the nads again time.  Trust me the list is endless.  Trying to learn all this complicated half and quarter past nonsense while staring at a clock or my watch endlessly can be a bit boring for him I imagine? So I needed a way to jazz it up a bit for him. I racked my brains and came up with this great idea for, wait for it “A Superhero Spy gun that shoots LED lights that display’s what the time is on any surface”. How cool would that be?

Imagine how disappointed I was when I found out it already existed and those Moonpigs sold it for £18.00! Don’t you just hate it when other people copy your ideas and make them happen before you have even had the actual idea in the first place?

Seriously, on a scale of one to damn cool this does have to rank right up there, with its addictive daft as a brush brilliance.

Even though this is meant to be a toy for dads, what better way to test it out than put it in the hands of a real life Superhero, spy and see what he makes of it? So that what I did, #Duketested  #DadApproved.


#spiderman secret agent trials new super #weapon that shoots baddies and tells the time #Dadapproved @moonpig_uk #hyperlapse

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So fair enough it isn’t the world’s best alarm clock, but then anyone who has a toddler knows that alarm clocks are basically a bit redundant. Did it help with the Duke learning to tell the time? No, not really. What it did do and by far the most important of all, was it gave us some quality time together messing around being daft and gave me a reason to capture some amazing father and son memories. That by far is the most important time to me of all.

Genuinely we had so much fun testing this out I can’t wait to see what comes next from the Dads’ Institute.

What your best idea for a gizmo that someone’s pinched, that you might get for a Father’s Day pressie?

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2 Responses

  1. Jonathan Moran says:

    LOL. Very awesome! Sometimes I just like to get anything from my kids that they created on their own. Their minds are so new and what they come up with just blows my mind sometimes.

  2. Terence Thornton says:

    I run into this all of the time. I usually wait until I think I checked everywhere for this great idea that I have before telling anyone, but once I do, the cat is out of the bag and all of a sudden, there is my idea sitting on the store shelf.


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