Yeah I Know We Bad, You Know It..

What Does My Daddy Do #NextFathersDay

How To Dress Like Your Dad & Still Look Sharp

All small boys want to be like their dads. Look like them, eat all their veg up like them, have big muscles like them and even in some cases start dressing like them.

When it comes to dressing like your dad it can be tricky. As a kid, my dad’s idea of  ‘casual’ dress was taking his tie off. He had rows of suits, blazers and a huge array of different shirts and always looked dapper.

Dressing Like Your Dad

Sharp Dressing DBTH Boys

He never wore jeans or t-shirts except on beach holidays where you just couldn’t persuade him that socks and sandals were not a good look. But it was a look that he made his own.

On a day to day basis Dad’s work look became his off-duty look. This is something I have inherited, except that I am definitely more of a slob behind closed doors and I’m not one for the hot sock/sandal look, thank God!

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Since I was about eight years old as a little mini mod in Sta-Press trousers and Fred Perry for school uniforms, right through the next 30 odd years I always been fascinated with fashion. This style of thinking is being passed on to another generation with the Duke who is subtly picking up on little things that I do and copying them, like wearing his cap at a jaunty angle.

Dress Like your Dad

Daddy, I’m Really Not Sure On This Look..

Now, what I have never wanted to do is make him a carbon copy. I think there’s nothing worse than seeing a small child in fancy labels; to the point where they would stop being a child and wanting to do what kids do. The fear of being told off by for their TOWIE hair-do modelling identikit, perma-tanned parents holding them back from exploring.

How to Dress Like your Dad

I do have to admit, though, I am a bit of a sucker with certain things, kids clothes related. Like the time when I popped into Next and saw they had baby-sized ‘Stone Roses’ t-shirts, and ended up buying them in several sizes so Duke could wear one as he continued to grow. God forbid they start doing Public Enemy merchandise for nippers or ‘It will take a nation of minions to hold me back’.

At the moment, the boy is fascinated with the book “What Does My Daddy Do?” where a little girl called Daisy tries to work out what her daddy does for a living. It mentions about the dad going off in the mornings with a smart blue suit, to climb mountains of paperwork and fight a dragon of a boss and Duke always refers to me doing the same. (The smart blue jacket bit obviously…)

So for a bit of fun, I thought we’d take the opportunity and play a little game of “What my Daddy Do Dress up” on Father’s Day and see what he’d look like if he wanted a job in the media.

Hopefully, when he grows up, he’ll want to get a proper job rather than one like mine. Such as being Spiderman, but he might just need to get over his fear of actual spiders first.

Would you give DBTH & Son a job?

Dress Like your Dad - Spot the Difference

How Does This Work Again?

Dad and son dressed the same

Trust Me Son, This Time Next Year We’ll Be Millionaires

Kids dressing like parents

If This Was in Black & White it Could be 1958

Dapper kid

And You Sure Got Your Mumma’s Eyes..

Dapper dad and son

Yeah, We Bad, You Know It.

Dressing like dad

So What Was That Again Dad?

Son and dad hanging out.

Don’t Let Go Dad, Or My Pants Will Split.

Dad and son fashion

The Blues Brothers..

Dad and son playing

Dad, You’ll Never Guess What The Woman Next Door Is Up To.


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4 Responses

  1. Looking sharp and snazzy fellas! I’m finding my love of clothes is being passed on to my girls but not my actual style. It’s fun to watch them choose and explore their style. 🙂

    • Dan says:

      Letting kids explore their own style is dangerous. If my son comes back as a Goth in a few years I will feel like I have failed..:)

  2. Jerry Jackson says:

    Very cute photos! You both look great!

  3. Elaine Owen says:

    It looks like you both have a lot of fun together. Not to mention the fashion sense is pretty good 🙂

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