Mosh pit here we don't come..
Mosh pit here we don't come..

So Enough About Me..

“I get up when I want, except on Wednesdays when I get rudely awaken by the dustman”. That’s not actually true; our dustman comes on Mondays. My day usually starts with a bang, or a knee in the nuts, as my beautiful bouncing 3-year-old boy decides it’s my head/nuts that he should be bouncing on. He has found this is a very effective way of announcing a new day has dawned and that everyone within a five-mile radius should get up.

I catch the half seven bus into work. Depending on traffic, this takes anything from 40 minutes to 1:30hr on the bus. People ask why I don’t just get the train. Well for one, it’s half the price. Two, there’s hardly any grumpy commuters or screaming school kids on the bus. Three, I can always get a seat. Four, I get to travel along the coast road past some of the most beautiful scenery I have ever seen. Five, it’s a great place for a dad snooze.

Sleep is only for the innocent..

Sleep is only for the innocent.

My office is two minutes from the sea in the heart of Brighton Lanes. It’s full of screens buzzing with rows of data, and desks surrounded by beanbags, table football and packets of cereal.

For five days a week I get to hang out with lots of trendy young things with beards, tattoos and tight jeans, using technical jargon like OPR’s, BAU and EDM. As a 40-year-old slightly receding, mid-life crisis having, dyslexic, dyspraxic, hat wearing Radio 2 listener; I feel right at home.

At 6 o’clock it’s back to Worthing, where you’ll find me trying to figure out the rules to ‘Kung Fu Panda Helicopter Pirates’ or whatever game my son has dreamt up that day.

I then sympathise as my social worker wife tells me how another budget has been slashed. The children most at risk get dumped on, and people that care most about them are given more and more caseloads. In the back of their minds thinking one slip up and they will be front page of a Daily Mail hate campaign.

In between all of this I listen to old school rap, write my blog and drink tea. Mostly I just try to be a good husband, brother, son, uncle and friend to some of the nicest and somewhat strangest creatures on God’s green and pleasant earth.

Anyway enough about me, what do you get up to?

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2 Responses

  1. Oliver Rowe says:

    Your wake up call sounds a lot worse than mine, but we’ll see. Usually, I am awaken by the dog, barking in a high pitched tone of some kind because she either, needs to go to the bathroom outside, or she just noticed a squirrel that is juicy enough to chase around.

  2. Laurence Reynolds says:

    I have twin boys and they usually are waking up by pulling the blankets off the bed and wrestling with me for about 30 minutes before I even move a muscle LOL.

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