Soho Radio
The Bright Lights of Soho

Radio – Suckers Never Play Me. (But I Do Pop In For A Chat).

Soulfully Stepping My Way Round Soho – Soho Radio

While I was up in that there London last week for the excellent The Jam exhibition, I experienced something quite unusual.

You see as I was child and work-free for the day, I had a chance to do something that I hadn’t done in years. This involved large doses of getting lost, exploring and getting inspired without having to watch the clock or continually look around me, thinking where the hell had the little person disappeared to near that busy road.

I love London, I was born there and still get a bit excited by the buzz of the place. Don’t get me wrong I would hate to live there, (the arsehole per capita ratio is so very strong in London, I hate crowds and love the sea far too much) but it is still the greatest and most diverse city on earth.

Soho Radio

While exploring the back streets and alleys with my old pal Vix who had come up from Kent for the today,  we ventured along to Soho as I wanted to pay a visit to the Soho Radio studios.


Soho Radio

The Bright Lights of Soho


I discovered them quite by chance on Mixcloud about a year ago and have been listening ever since. The station is based in the back of a tiny coffee shop in Great Windmill Street and,  for the price of coffee you can go along and watch and listen to the DJs in action.


Soho Radio

Soho Radio Studio


There is one DJ in particular that I love, and that’s ex-Acid Jazz and Mod Supremo, Eddie Piller. His “Eclectic Soul” show on a Thursday afternoon has been keeping me company and refreshing my ears with the best in classic and new Soul/Funk and occasionally Rap for the last year or so.

His show is quite unlike the many others you can hear. The needles jump, you can hear the crackles on the records because they are there to be played and danced to, rather than be stashed away.

Here is a man that has dedicated his life to music and vinyl and the passion really can be heard in his grumpy old tones.

There’s a range of regulars, such as the highly knowledgeable Dean Rudland from Ace Records. They drop in for a chat while commentating of the sights and sounds of a Soho that is being rapidly being sanitised away from its old London heritage. I don’t tend just to listen; I get caught up picturing the sights and sounds that they paint with the music and chats.< Now that’s entertainment. 

Going Live on Soho Radio

While we were at the coffee shop listening to the show being recorded, Eddie popped his head out and invited me to come in and have a chat live on air. So here I am not just watching and listening to one of my favourite radio shows, I am on it.


Soho Radio London

An (Ace) Face For Radio

A somewhat surreal, nerve-racking but thoroughly enjoyable experience. (I’m on around the 50-minute mark)

So sit back and enjoy some quality music.



Eddie Piller’s Eclectic Soul Show (17/09/2015) by Eddie Piller on Mixcloud

Cheers Eddie!

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