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James Taylor Quartet Live In Worthing – Review

So Maybe I Do Like All That (Acid) Jazz After All…

Always up for live music – even more so for gigs that I can walk to – I trotted along to see Acid jazz/funk legends James Taylor Quartet in Worthing at the wonderful St Paul’s, making their first ever visit to town (Check out the interview with JT here).  I say wonderful – and this converted church really is wonderful – though there is something slightly unnerving about Jesus on the crucifix illuminated by fairy lights stage backdrop…


James Taylor Quartet live

The Man With The Plan

James Taylor Quartet in Worthing

I have hazy recollections of JTQ background music at 90s post-clubbing house parties, but other than that consider myself a James Taylor Quartet virgin.  Atom Promotions – aka local duo Ant and Tom – are doing great work with the Worthing music scene and pulled off quite a coup in bringing JTQ here to build on the success of their Charlatans, Grandmaster Flash and Ocean Colour Scene gigs in 2015.


James Taylor Quartet in Worthing

The Band Get Down


We arrived early, even before the band who were still in Wetherspoons down the road, no doubt tuning up with a £5 curry and a pint…or some such delights.  After a couple of tune-ups of our own from the great little bar at St Pauls, JTQ emerged – suited, booted and bearing up pretty well considering 35 (yes, 35!) years on the circuit.  The crowd – a mix of the young and beautiful and excited (but playing it cool, of course) JTQ die-hards – were soon swaying and shuffling to gorgeous swirling keys and funky riffs from Carl Cox on guitar.  At least, I think that’s how he was introduced anyway…though it’s likely, I got that wrong, and my flashbacks to 90’s house parties were kicking in.

I tend to keep my mini-airbass for special occasions, so was thrilled that I was able to bring it out several times, along with accompanying ‘airbass face’.  The brilliant ‘JTQ Brass’ joined the boys on stage for a few tracks, prompting some impressive footwork from my mate Dave and a suitable clearing from those around us.  A bit of Booker T’s ‘Green Onions’ had everyone strutting their best funky moves, with ‘all of the way from Horsham’ bassist Andy knocking out some seriously cool notes.  The theme from Starsky and Hutch, ‘All Wrapped Up’, and a cracking solo slot from the ‘moody’ drummer had even Jesus’s toes tapping.


James Taylor Quartet in Worthing at St Paul's

I Well Got The Horn


Ninety minutes passed far too quickly, and before we knew it, James Taylor was telling us he ‘could be persuaded’ to do a few more tracks, before launching straight back into it. Cue more funky moves, happy faces and dad-dancing; all rounded off with JT himself flogging quality vinyl and CDs at a rate of knots, accompanied by cool retro tracks from local DJs ‘Inappropriate Handclap’.


JT Was So Happy To Get A Quick Snap With The Hypeman.

JT Was So Happy To Get A Quick Snap With The Hypeman.


So yes, I can definitely say I’m now funkily wedged in with the (acid) jazz gang.

Where you there at the penultimate gig at St Paul’s to see James Taylor Quartet in Worthing? What did you think?


*This was a guest post from the newest member of the DBTH gang and raving northerner,  Simone ‘Alreet Pet’ Scott @simone_scott74




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