Shopping with kids
You Will Bend To My Will..

What Dads Actually Want For Christmas – Part Five

Zen And The Art Of Supermarket Shopping

Shopping with Kids

Who recognises this face when shopping with kids?



Shopping With Kids

Taking toddlers to the supermarket is, I believe, one of the main forms of torture used for many years at the Guantanamo Bay detention camp. Many of the rising stars of militant war zones have crumbled and grassed-up their entire families at the mere thought of taking your average three-year-old to Sainsbury’s on a Saturday.

Unfortunately for humanity, it has yet to be outlawed so still continues to bring fear into the hearts of many.

Here, Jim shares his secrets to transcending the pain that is a tantrum in the aisle in Part Five of ‘What Dads Actually Want For Christmas..



Do you have any secret Zen-like qualities that help you overcover the terror of the tantrum? Tell us NOW.

Stay tuned for Part Six

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  1. 11th October 2016

    […] of toddlers, it seems like 99.9% of our lives revolves around juggling tantrum’s, keeping up on playground politics, and trying desperately trying to erase the ‘Peppa Pig’ theme […]

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