Dads at Christmas
Gotham's Gotta A Lotta Looking Good To Do.

What Dapper Dads Actually Want For Christmas – Part Six

Things That Make You Go, Hmm.. – Dads at Christmas

‘I was at the crib, sittin’ by the fireplace
Drinkin’ cocoa on the bear skin rug
The door bell rang, who could it be?’

A quick look through the front window sorts that out pretty quickly, so no need to make a song and dance about it…

Things and stuff, I’m a big fan of both. Especially when then they serve no real purpose but to entertain my tiny mind by looking cool and tickling my sense of the ridiculous. That’s the way for Dads at Christmas. Here’s a few of my favorites for the Dad that has everything.

Gifts for Dads at Christmas

When Ninjas Tidy Up.

Having spent a lot of my formative years studying Ninjitsu by watching classics such as ‘American Ninja’, ‘Enter The Ninja’ and’Revenge of The Ninja’ when I should have been doing something more productive. I now consider myself an expert on anything weaponry related catches my eye. Hopefully not in the literal sense obviously. Now, if they are not just for taking out your nemesis but also serve a purpose as a handy coat hook, then Shadow Wolf is your mother’s brother. From DiscoveryStore.


Dad gifts

Ideal For Hanging Up Your Shinobi After A Hard Day On The Kill


You Looking At Me?

Gotham city might be under attack nightly, but if you fancy your chances in sharing a saucer of Catwoman’s creamy loveliness, then you better check yourself and your super reinforced smile. This mirror is not just a mirror, it can also be used as a handy throwing star if some Joker tries to burst in your Batcave uninvited. Pretty much the ultimate gift for Dads at Christmas. From Paladone.


BatDad gifts

Gotham’s Gotta A Lotta Looking Good To Do.


How About Some Casual Racism?

Don Draper and his fellow cohorts on Madison Avenue weren’t just slick dressing, Scotch drinking geniuses. They were probably more sexist, racist and offensive than one of your northern in-laws on their way back from a BNP-sponsored stag-do. Saatchi takes a look back at some of the best and worst of those adverts from those 1950-60’s glory years where anything that wasn’t White, Male, and Protestant was second class.  From Amazon.


Dad Gifts

Know Your Place!


Shot In The Name Of Love.

Snap-happy, lightbulb flashing, wannabe paparazzi looking mofo. There is something nice about actually using a proper camera rather than just pointing and shooting with your phone isn’t there? – Especially, if doesn’t mean you have to spend the earth to get some funky Lomo results and get to hang out in the dark room like the fella in Gregory’s Girl. From those FunkyBudda types.


Presents for dads

Say Cheese!!


That’s The Way The Cookie Rumbles.

Everything you touch turn to cr*p? like to bring some doom and gloom to an otherwise joyous festival occasion? or just like to bring down the smart Alex twit that is sat across the dinner table from you?. Share the love of Misfortunate cookies. From Perhkeks.


Gifts for Dad at Christmas

That That You Miserable Old Git


When Art Attacks.

Modern life is rubbish. Modern art is rubbish. One of these two statements is true. I prefer the old days when kids were taught to learn to use pens and paints rather than doing everything on an iPad. Remember with affection the 80’s TV show Maid Marion? Then this might be for you, beautifully hand drawn and quirky. From The Constant Doodler 

Dads at Christmas - gifts

Riding Through The Glen, Again

Any more great ideas for Dads at Christmas? Tell us.

Stay Tuned For Part Seven Of What Dapper Dads Want For Christmas>

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