Dad's Christmas
Duke And His Partner in Crime

What Dapper Dads Actually Want For Christmas – Part Eight

Lies, Lies Everywhere, But Not A Tot To Blink – Dad’s Christmas


Dad's Christmas

Make a Dad’s Christmas

Continuing the theme of toddler-based torture and dad’s Christmas, anyone that has ever tried to give a wee one a bath and wash their hair will understand that statements such as ‘No More Tears’ are utter hokum to put it politely.

We as dads are used to lying. We lie about most things, such as ‘Eat your veg and you’ll get superhero-sized muscles’, ‘If you go to sleep now, the bears won’t be able to eat you’, ‘No love, I’m sure that women you hate on the school-run, isn’t talking about you behind your back again’. But, we don’t half hate it when we are lied to, especially by big businesses that claim they are there to help us.

Here Jim from Bewildered Dad gives us another take on what Dads actually want for Christmas.


Make a dad’s Christmas and abolish these lies.

Stay tuned for Part Nine.

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  1. 20th December 2015

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