Christmas gifts for dads
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What Dapper Dads Actually Want For Christmas – Part Four

Feel Fine and Dandy – Christmas Gifts for Dads

Looking sharp and smelling good should be a priority for dads. Letting yourself go to pot is just not on fellas. Just because we are rushed off our feet doing important stuff, it doesn’t mean we can’t spend a few minutes freshening up every now and again. That’s why we’ve put together a list of Christmas gifts for dads that address that.

I don’t mean overdoing like a hormonal thirteen-year-old getting ready for his first date. No, just taking and making an effort. I’m sure it will be fully appreciated by anyone you live with or is in standing distance of your commute.

Here’s a roundup of some of the quick and not so quick wins doing the rounds right now.

Christmas gifts for Dads

Blowing Underground.

Hair and Body Wash and Spray housed in a bold little wash bag. The gift set is called Farringdon, but thankfully it smells nothing like any of the 270 underground stations in London. Unless that is you can find one that smells quite vanillary and fresh. From Ted Baker


Christmas gifts for dads

London’s Underground Finest.

Jog On You Mug. 

Is your dad out of shape? Well, give the poor fella a break. Have you been trying to tell him he needs to do some exercise subtly over the last few years? Turn him into a runner! Bright flashing lights, neon hi-viz, reflective water bottles (#fireupyourrun – Nathan) and special running socks (Feetures). Force him into it. One day he’ll thank you. (Probably not immediately – think of it more as an investment) if he doesn’t thank you at least he will be quick if you ask him to run down the shops for you. From Nathan


Christmas gifts for dads - fitness

Jog On Fella.

Shaven Ravers.

Imagine some fancy shaving cream, a tub of a razor relief and then mix it with a shaving brush that’s softer than ‘Walter the Softy’ from the Beano. Then, for those of you that might just have stayed up past your bedtime and indulged in one too many, all is not lost. Safety comes in the form of  Eye Serum and Face Protector comes in saving the day. From The Body Shop. (Nice thing about this is for every one you buy, they are donating a day’s fresh water to a family in Ethiopia – There’s not many Christmas gifts for dads that can boast that).


Grooming Christmas gifts for dads

Gentlemen Relish (The Calming Effects..)

I Do Want To Go Rehab.

Morning restitution in the party season comes in the form of a Facial Scrub that helps get rid of pesky blackheads and a facial moisturiser called ‘Morning Glory’. For the record, any brand that calls their products ‘Morning Glory’ gets a vote from me. Purely, because when guests use my bathroom, I can ask them if they want to see mine. Yes, I am aware of how childish this is. From Rehab London.


Christmas gifts for dads - moisturiser

Do Away With Your Winehouse Barnet

Dodgy Barnet Fixer

Paul Mitchell is not the lesser known brother of Phil and Grant, he is someone that knows a lot more about men’s hair-care then they do.

With the large amount of gunk dads stick in our hair trying to look perfect the latest comb-over, a decent heavy hitting shampoo is required to get it all out. That’s what he is flogging to the Dapper Gents about town with a styling creme and nifty bottle of construction paste so we can fix the old Bobby Charlton again the next day. From Paul Mitchell.

Dapper Gent - Christmas gifts for dads

Dapper Gent Not Laughs.

Room With A Groom.

Designer stubble, fresh-faced or bushy-bearded. Whatever the look, it takes upkeep. Upkeep takes time and it’s time we don’t have. I actually shave at night, that way I dodge a bit of the barrage of morning chaos that befits getting the average three-year-old out the door on time. So, having a five-in-one grooming set to take care of unwanted hair sprouting up in odd nasal places and trimmers to keep those go-faster lines looking sharp, is a handy thing to have in your artillery. From Lloyds Pharmacy


Swiss Army Like Styling -

Swiss Army Like Styling –

What are your tips for keeping young and fresh-faced? Things that make great Christmas gifts for dads.

Stay tuned for the next instalment...




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