I Bet You'll Look Good In My Bathroom.

What Dapper Dads Actually Want For Christmas – Part Two

What To Get Your Dad For Christmas – ‘I’ll Bet You’ll Look Good On My Dads Floor.’

If you are like me, having spent 30 years being interested in clothes and dressing well, as soon as you have hit 40 or that little bundle of joy hits your world, your time and wallet rapidly moves clothes way down your priority list. No point spending a fortune on nice shirts only for little Jimmy to pee, poo and puke down it.

However, if you are not willing to dive into elasticated high-waisted corduroys in colours more suited to your average UKIP supporter and start rocking your work shirts on your day off, then fill your desert boots with this. Find out what to get your dad for Christmas here.

What to Get Your Dad for Christmas

Christmas Jumper Heaven.

Pretty Green is one of those labels, that you can rely on to deliver. You don’t have to be a fan of your man Gallagher to know they know a thing or two about looking sharp. Well-tailored and lasting, it means you don’t have to wear anything with antlers on it on Christmas day – From Woodhouse


What to get your dad for Christmas

What No Novelty Snowman?


Socks It To Em’.

Getting dad a pair of socks could be seen as a massive cop-out. Hardly inspired, is it? Well, when they are luxurious and monogrammed – yes, monogrammed Danvers – then you can be forgiven. Fancy unleashing your inner Daniel Craig? Jumping around, shooting up international baddies and still looking suave? Then these bad boys are for you. Made by people that have been making socks for donkeys’ years – From Pantherella


What to get your dad for Christmas - socks

Having Your Name, Monogrammed On Your Socks Stops Any Bugger From Pinching Them.


Walking The Walk  

Not only do these Eastern boots look pretty smart, but they are also blooming warm and comfy to wear. I mean very bloody comfy.  I’ve been reliably informed that it is down to them being fitted with something called Vibram soles? No, me neither. I’ve been rocking these on the school run for the last couple of weeks and gathering many a glad-eye from some of the other dads (and some of the mums, but I put that down to the bag of cakes I usually have on me) – From RockPort


What to get your dad for Christmas - Rockports

Rock The Rockports And Have Other Dads Looking On Jealously.


Watch Out.

Need a new piece of wristwear to make sure you aren’t late as a chauffeur for your child’s ever-increasing social life, or to dazzle the boys in the office? Then watch out for the Smart Turnout. Not too flash and it’s got a really nice ‘college boy’ look to it that anyone with Mod style sensibilities will appreciate – From WatchShop.


What to get your dad for Christmas - watch

Time Isn’t On Your Side, But It Can Be Tastefully On Your Wrist.


Bag It Up.

You are going to need something to store all the smellies you are bound to be receiving. Here’s the perfect travel companion, a stylish cotton canvas bag, big enough to take care of all your bathroom-related business – From Pretty Green.


What to get your dad for Christmas - Pretty Green Bag

I Bet You’ll Look Good In My Bathroom.


Most Of My Heroes Appear On My T-Shirts.  

Like many a fella of a certain age, my teenage soundtrack was fuelled by Golden age rappers like Public Enemy and Rakim. There is something about paying homage, supporting independent designers and getting to wear the same t-shirts that Chuck D does, that works very well – From Madina Designs.


Wrap Yourself Up In One Of These Lyrical Inspired T-Shirts.

Wrap Yourself Up In One Of These Lyrical Inspired T-Shirts.


When it comes to looking good on your dad’s floor, what works for you? Know exactly what to get your dad for Christmas? Still need help?

Stay tuned for the next instalment of our Christmas countdown…


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