Wouldn't You Love To Find This In Your Christmas Stocking?

What Dapper Dads Actually Want For Christmas – Part Ten.

On The Tenth Day Of Christmas, My True Love Gave To Me

Christmas is a time for hopes and dreams, but without wanting to channel the pre-change Scrooge (frightened by ghosts, the big wuss), you ain’t going to get what you want. What you really, really want.

You see, the ideal gifts for dads aren’t some novelty golf socks (mainly because he’s never played a round in his life), but they are intangible rewards for another year of tireless dedication to their offspring. You can’t purchase the perfect dad present in Boots.

But imagine if you could…

I Love a Journey with a Blast of ‘Atmosphere’

For anyone regularly subjected to the music tastes of a two-year-old (parents, grandparents, Radio 1 listeners), will know that the perfect change of pace for any car journey would be for it to be soundtracked by something good. You didn’t spend years perfecting your favourite bands’ logos on your pencil case in Tippex for nothing.

Zen and the Art of Supermarket Shopping

You can’t simply run away when a toddler kicks off in public. You also shouldn’t join in, as much as you would like to.
What if there was a third way?

Peace Meal

Remember long, lazy Sundays in the pub with pints and a roast? Now, a hurried packet of crisps is all you can manage before your little one is tearing up and down the child-friendly (ha!) eatery with gay abandon. It would be weird any other way, though, right?

The Shampoo Lie

We tried Johnson & Johnson’s No More Tears shampoo years ago, and she’s cried loads of times since. If it actually worked on kids, just think what it could do for you!

Top 5 Gifts Dads Really Want for Christmas

The top five countdown, in true cheesy style, with a little Christmas magic required for the number one suggestion. Maybe, just maybe…


Hope you have enjoyed this trip down memory lane with myself and the deliciously ridiculous Jim from Bewildered Dad. Check out the podcast. < You need this in your life.

Until next year.

As young people say, PEACE OUT

Top 5 Gifts Dads Really Want for Christmas
Top 5 Gifts Dads Really Want for Christmas

The top five gifts dads really want for Christmas. Forget socks and golf stuff, this would make your father's Yuletide forever.

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