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The Worlds First Pop-Up Museum Of Happiness

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Giant Ball-Pits, Mind Apples & Popping My Mediation Cherry.

When in Rome do as the Romans do, that’s how the saying goes, doesn’t it? Well, how about doing what they were doing in Spitalfields market last Saturday afternoon?.

Forget being beaten by the Blues on a chilly January, the world’s first pop-up Museum of Happiness came to town and frankly my dear it was pretty damn fantastic.

The brainchild of the charming and very entertaining Shamash Alidina (the author of Mindfulness for Dummies). The Museum of Happiness team brought together hundreds of people over three days to concentrate on “The Pursuit of Happiness” in it’s simplest form. Well, simple if you are open to “exploring the art and science of happiness in an interactive and experiential way”, to quote the man himself.

I’m not afraid to admit I am by my very nature a very cynical old git, but when I saw this on Twitter, I grabbed a ticket, and I approached the event with an open mind, and I was really pleased I did.

Museum of Happiness

I spent a couple of very inspiring hours wandering round three small marquees, surrounded by some of the most colourful, smiliest and well, happiest folks of all creeds, colours, ages and sizes I have ever seen.  I got involved in doing everything from raving in a silent disco, frolicking in giant ball-pit, messing around with virtual reality, colouring and breaking my “mediation” cherry.

Sat in a small tent being told to stare at coloured balls on the ceiling, then being able to focus on the noise behind the surrounding noise. Not my usual level of activity but something really strange happened. When I opened my eyes, the colours around me were so much clearer, the noise crisper and I felt so much calmer. I know that might sound daft, but it’s true.

I  couldn’t help but be carried away by the sense of freedom and kindness in the air. I really do hope that they make this an annual event or better still take it on the road so people up and down the country get a chance to participate.

Here’s what some of the other folk that attended thought >


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Where you at the Museum of Happiness? What was your best part of the event?


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