Four Ways To Woo Your Lover For Under £4 This Valentines.

All Four You – Valentine’s Day

So you’ve just got the stress of Christmas out the way, and before you know it along comes Valentine’s Day. A day that you either love or hate for obvious reasons.

Along with all the hearts and public displays of affection, there comes a road fraught with danger. How much do you spend? Do you bother at all? if they say “Oh, let’s not bother this year” Will you be moving in with the dog, if you take your better half at their word?

Whatever you do, don’t be one of the people that turn’s up with flowers from the garage or worse yet empty-handed. That is unforgivable.

Here to help, is a quick guide that is guaranteed woo your better half for under a fiver. After all, it’s not about how much you spend; it’s about how much thought you put in. So to save your time, I’ve put in the thought for you. What more can you ask ‘four’?

In the words of a well-rehearsed 80’s Blue Peter presenter ‘Here’s four I made earlier’. (You can thank me later) < Well, obviously they never said that I was paraphrasing, but you get the gist..


Valentine's Day Bargains

Cut It Out & Keep Guide For Next Year


Idea One. 

A Month Of Lie-Ins.

Who doesn’t love a lie-in? So why wait for a weekend. Plan out your day, so you take all the little time-consuming tasks away from your loved one. Make their pack lunch the night before & stick it in the fridge ready to go. Help them pack their work stuff, door keys and everything they normally lose in the morning chaos and make sure it is ready to go. Thus saving precious minutes that can be spent in the land of dreams. Happy Valentine’s Day.

Cost: £0.00

Idea Two.

Got Netflix and want to chill? Make them a playlist of all their favourite shows, movies and box set for them to binge on for Valentine’s Day.

Then wrap up the remote in a big bow, block out some evenings on the family calendar and say “Honey, you never get enough time to do what you want, so here you go, BINGE TILL YOU CAN’T BINGE NO MORE BABY”.

Showing that you can be so thoughtful will mean they get the Netflix, and you will definitely get the ‘chill’ as the young people say. 

Cost: £0.50 for the ribbon.

Idea Three.

Get a big glass jar, buy a pack of felt-tips or better still if you have kids, just pinch theirs. Then grab a pad of coloured paper and write down as many compliments and the lyrics of favourite gooey songs that you can think of then cut them up into little squares and pop them in the jar. If you are stuck for ideas, then a quick Google search of ” The Top 100 Love Songs Of All Time” will help you.

Here’s the clever bit. Hand the jar over with the instructions. ‘Whenever you are feeling a bit stressed, or a bit rubbish about life ask me to pick one of these pieces of paper out, and I will sing you whatever it says.’

The result will either be that they will be utterly swept off their feet with your Buble’-like velvety tones or wet themselves with laughter.

Cost: £3.50 and a loss of a healthy dose of self-respect.

Idea Four: 

Raid the old family photo album, take out the best ones and pop them out on a piece of coloured string, using clothes pegs, so it looks like bunting. Then hang it all up around the house, in places they least expect it, like the loo or the inside of their car.

Not only does this look very cool like you have cloned an Esty store, (especially if you have burgled the kids craft box and covered the clothes pegs in paint and glitter. If you don’t have kids or a craft box, that you can purchase them fully pre-jazzed up all ready to go). But it gives the impression that you spend hours lovingly gazing over photos of your beloved.

Costs: Clothes Pegs £2.00, string £0.00 if liberated from next doors washing line. Otherwise, it’s around £1.00.

So there you have it, four fail safe and quick to action ideas to make sure that you stay on the right side of your loved one this Valentine’s Day. Do you have any better ideas? I’d love to hear them!

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  1. Haha! Just love these ideas! I think my singing would bring tears to his eyes and the notes left firmly in the jar #thelist

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