Hi Ho Hi Ho It's Off To The Beach We Go.

Beach School

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Working from home has a range of gifts and not having the dreaded commute is one of the biggest gifts of all.

Being able to start work a bit later than being forced to be at my desk at 9 am means I do the school runs most mornings.

It’s a simple thing, but something that before I quit my job six months ago just wouldn’t happen. On the main, I would be stuck in the traffic or being at my desk opening up a tonne of emails that had nothing to do with me.

Now it’s one of my favourite times of the day. I get to walk hand in hand, chase, run, scoot or ride my bike side by side with my son. We get to chat about the day, answer and ask questions about anything that has caught his attention.

We counted the number of sewers and drains in the pavement on our journey the other day. Well, I say counted, we got to 27 before Duke lost patience and decided that there were more than 37 million to come.  Did we need to know how many drains there are in a five-minute journey? No, but I love the way his mind works. I see this as an absolute privilege to have this time.

One of the other benefits is that I’ve started to make friends with some of the other mums and staff at the school.

They have welcomed me rather that looking at me like I’m a weirdo. Men at the school gate isn’t such a stand-out sight at is when I was a kid.

In the 70s, dads in the playground were rarer than hens’ teeth. The only other men we saw were the ones in dirty rain macs that we were told to keep away from, and Charly says we shouldn’t speak to.

It was during one of these chats that I was handed a letter that said that parents were invited to help out on an upcoming school trip.

The trip location – the beach. So here’s the question, did I want to hang out with a load of 3 & 4 years old and have a rampage on the seaside? Well not rampage as such but help take the school to the beach. I was right, where do I sign for Beach School?

Seeing how your kids interact with their classmates, it’s amazing. Just like when you go to work, you become a different person to the one you are when you at home. Would it be the same with your kids I wondered?

What is Beach School?

Inspired by the principles of the Forest School and the Kindergartens of Denmark/Norway. The team behind ‘Beach School’ have embarked on a project where the experiences are open-ended and allow the kids become more secure and confident.

According to the bumph – “Taking the kids out of the classroom and giving them the opportunity to revisit the same area of the beach over a four week period. This allows each child to develop their interests over several weeks.

We have observed over time that children seem to be more communicative and use more complex language when outdoors time. Parents are encouraged to accompany their children and to see how children benefit from experiential learning and how they play such a crucial role in supporting their child’s development”.  

So one morning last week off we set like a troop of small fireworks. Four ‘growed-ups’ and six of the nicest funniest little ‘Yet to growed -up’s’ all in matching waterproofs. The kids obviously, not the growed-ups that would have been a bit weird. Although I was supplied a very fetching luminous jacket, that made me feel like someone with a great deal of responsibility.


Heading off to Beach School

And We’re Off


The next 2.5 hours were spent splashing, digging, giggling, paddling, exploring and dinosaur bone uncovering.

Pulling small welly-boots out of soggy sandpits, running, having fishing nets plonked on my head, jumping and having simply just a wonderful time.


Beach School Promenade


Fun at Beach School

Hi Ho Hi Ho It’s Off To The Beach We Go.


Beach School Paddle

Dancing In The Sunshine


Beach School Activities

I’m The King Of The Swingers


Kids that age have an incredible imaginations, spirits and a sense of adventure that just spending time in their company makes the world a better place. Beach School is a resounding success.

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4 Responses

  1. Lesley Carley says:

    This made me smile! What a privileged position you are in to be able to spend this time with Duke. There’s never a dull moment being surrounded by ‘not growed ups’ yet, take it from me! I asked my class of 6 year olds last week, what they understood by the word ‘hygiene’. Claudio popped his hand up and said, “well if you pull your trousers up really high, you have ‘high jeans’!! Priceless. Keep up the good word Daddy Dan. These are the best days of your lives! X

    • Dan says:

      Cheers Mrs C.

      Yes it really is a gift, I am extremely privileged to have a job that can be so flexible I know that many people that don’t have the opportunity. It makes working evenings so much easier because I have had the chance to have such inspirational days. It’s a simple trade-off but makes such as difference to everyone. It is all going to change in Sept when he starts school full-time so I am going to make the most of it now.

      I thought I could maybe retrain as a teacher so I can do more of this sort of stuff?. Then I realised that being a teacher takes a special sort of strength and level of patience I don’t have ( I’ll leave that to those that do :)) so I am going to stick to being his ‘Silly Daddy’.

      Give the old man a nipple twist & kick on the shins from me.x

  2. such a fantastic place to bring up children x

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