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Back With Another Of Those Tot Rockin’ Beats

Sometimes I Feel Like Throwing My Hands Up In The Air – Tot Rockin’ Beats

Well when I say back, that’s stretching it a bit as this is the first time I’m doing this.

Over the last twelve months, I’ve been working on and going to some pretty good quality gigs.

During this time, one thing I’ve noticed is that the faces in the crowd around me are becoming more and more familiar with other areas of my life. Namely Parenthood. For example, the sweaty-faced fellow in the moshpit at Public Enemy was from our NCT group. The swivel-hipped indie dancer from James Taylor Quartet gig was a bloke I was on nodding terms from one of the local parks. The mad grinning dance-floor diva from Grandmaster Flash was a mum I knew from the school run. I was not alone! The babysitters of the parish are starting to ‘Clock mad Nuggets G’, as the young people might say. Grown-ups still want to party, but….

It’s A Family Affair

It seems like 99.9% of our lives revolves around juggling toddler tantrums and trying desperately trying to erase the Peppa Pig theme tune from burning ever deeper holes in our psyche.

Despite this,  there is still the small percentage that remembers a time when they were  ‘avin’ it large’ round fields in the M25. Or pumping their fists to ‘Fight The Power’ and when Jarvis crooned about ‘Let’s all meet up in the year 2000’ it seemed like a light year away.

Almost overnight you swapped doing ‘The Running Man’ for ‘Doing The School Run’. You’ve grown up and sold out. Your vinyl gets packed away, and your dancing shoes become comfortable plimsolls for stumbling around the garden. Now the only E’s you are dropping are the numbers from your kid’s organic juice. To paraphrase Chuck D’s booming voice ‘Brothers and Sisters I know what your world is coming to’.

If I Build It Will, They Come?

Here’s the problem, you want to go to on nights out, but they take almost military planning. They cost a fortune and take heaps of ‘begging the babysitter’ favour pulling-in. Then you have to navigate not being surrounded by TOWIE looking, trendy young people (Urgh, young people, don’t you just bloody hate them?).

You come to realise that most of the time it’s easier just to have people round, or not go out at all. Instead, you just sit and watch other people’s lives happen on Facebook.

Welcome To Pleasuredome

I got to thinking, ‘What if I could put on an event that combined everything I loved and answered some of those problems?’.

I’d put on gigs before, I been working with the lovely fellows at Atom for the last six months and knew that there is a definite thirst for decent entertainment.

So that what I’ve done. I’ve put my money where my mouth is and hired out my favourite venue, St Paul’s in Worthing to put on what can only be described as a family-friendly rave. Tot Rockin’ Beats.


tot rockin' beats


St Paul’s is an arts centre set in a converted church, where better to put on a rave on a Sunday afternoon? I’ve called up some of my talented DJs mates and talked them into playing Tot Rockin’ Beats. I’ve hired a pop-up soft-play area and a face painter and got loads of lining paper so I can cover the walls so people can tag the walls.

So now on Father’s Day 19th June the families of Sussex can come together, dance, smile, play and generally have a bloody good time.



The Duke Gets Ready To Rock


But I know, going for it on the dance-floor isn’t something you normally associate with a Sunday afternoon, especially if you are a dad. Dads who dance get ridiculed, but not here. I am issuing a ‘Dad Dancing Amnesty’ at Tot Rockin’ Beatsso my boogie down brothers can feel free to pop some shapes without fear of the Mickey being taken out of them. What better present to get than the chance to dance?

So what have you got planned for Father’s Day afternoon?

Back With Another Of Those Tot Rockin’ Beats.

So just imagine if I told you of a place when you can go, a much-loved venue where you will be surrounded by ‘A happy face, a thumping bass for a loving race’.

Where the DJs play music that you want to hear (not the music that your kids demand) so you can lose yourself and dance your beautiful asses off without fear or ridicule of being labelled a ‘dad-dancer’.

A place where you can have a drink, and sit down in a chill-out space while the nippers go nuts with face paints and soft-play area. Sounds great doesn’t it and all for the princely sum of £6 a head.


What You’ll Be Experiencing:

  • 4-6 pm Sunday 19 th June – (6-7 pm after party).
  • Six DJs playing all vinyl sets of non-stop Soul, Hip-Hop, Indie, Funk & House Party anthems
  • Face Painter
  • Graffiti Wall
  • Soft Play Area
  • Chill Out Space
  • £6 pp (Under 3’s Free)



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