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A Father’s Day Funktion – TotRocknBeats

So here I am, sat in my office on a Saturday afternoon listening to Glastonbury on the wireless and thinking about how I can start this post.

This last time last week, I was putting the finishing touches to an event I have been planning for two months but have dreamt about doing for God knows how long. If you want to know more about the back story then, it’s here.


So I knew it would work, of course, I did…. Saying that my nerves were shattered by dreams of me standing in a huge hall on my own, like an unpopular kids’ birthday party, would be well, true.

Then at 4 o’clock on the afternoon of Sunday the 19th, I popped my head out of the door at St Paul’s and saw this massive queue of people. People were patiently queuing to come to have a good time and choosing to spend their Father’s day with me.

Well, not me exactly. The majority of people probably didn’t have the foggiest who I was. Some only knew me from the numerous Facebook posts. Or, from meeting me briefly as my son and I stalked the local parks and playgrounds combining being Ninja Turtles or Dinosaur hunting with flyering.

At four years old, my son has become very adept at gig promotion. He can spot likely people that he wanted to invite to ‘his party’ at fifty paces. For likely, read anyone with small kids and a pushchair and or a dad with decent shoes. He pointed them out and said ‘Daddy, they need a flyer’.

In many ways he was right. This wasn’t a commercial venture it was his party. When we moved to Worthing, a couple of years ago, we didn’t know a soul who could babysit for us. So the chances of having a social life was pretty non-existent. I think that’s where the seed was planted. I knew I couldn’t be the only one. So if I built it on the basis, that it would be something that I would want to go to and wouldn’t need a babysitter for, then people would want to come.

This is what I had in mind.


Being able to have a beer, dance, chat and muck about with like-minded people. Knowing full well that the kids were completely safe and occupied, makes a real different. You could relax. Everyone together, listening to good music and not have to worry about the weather.

This is what happened as seen live on Facebook

Working on TRB over the last couple of month’s turned up some really nice but unexpected things. Possibly, my favourite was that I got to work with some very old and dear friends that I don’t see enough of. With those relationships, it doesn’t matter that you might not have spoken properly in years. When you do see each other, you fall straight back into the ‘proper’ friend rhythm. That is a brilliant thing.



Working with old friends and making some new ones. Being able to make people happy and play decent music, loud. Being able for my work to compliment, rather than impose on my family life. That is a great combination.


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I know now that there is a business there. Something that I can build on and do more of. Do more events and even sell TRB merchandise. Watch out, you are going to be seeing a lot more of #TotRockinBeats.


TotRockinBeats Father's Day Event

Happy Father’s Day From #TotRockinBeats

Big shout out to following people for all their help. If you like what you saw and would like to hire them for your party, do so, you won’t be disappointed.

  • Pop Up Party Backdrops & Props (Craft table/Photobooth)
  • Paladone (Dads play area toy and gadget supplier)
  • Kidzplay Creche/Smiley Tots Soft Play (Soft play)
  • ShuBox Designs (Face-painting)
  • The Mums & Dads Of Worthing (For being awesome)
  • Atom Promotions (Ticketing)
  • TR Marketing (Videos)
  • Kate Tilston (Common sense)
  • Corrina Joseph (Common sense)

The Reggae Doctors
Disco Scratch Radio
The Redstars
Tristan F.


In memory of Daniel John Flanagan – 28.03.1942 – 10.11.2014
The Original Dancing Dad…

If you were there, I would love to know what your favourite bits of #TotRockinBeats. Please leave your comments below.

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