LINDY BNX-60 Headphones
BNX-60 Headphones


LINDY BNX-60 Headphones Review

Wired For Sound and Ting’

So you’re in need of a pair of some good quality headphones that won’t fall apart after a couple of days use when you’re out and about?

Picture the scene, you’re heading out for the busy commute and really want to blot out the daily irritation of the general public who through no other reason than their own sheer inconsiderateness continue to descend upon you as soon as you enter your chosen means of public transport.

You’re crammed into a tiny, uncomfortable area – your personal space is now a free-for-all for any local loon with questionable hygiene issues – and all you want to do is escape into a world with your own soundtrack free of any bothersome forces.

You grab your pair of LINDY BNX-60 Headphones and slip them easily over your head. Immediately all the external hubbub is gone (via the Noise Cancelling switch) and you’re floating in your own radio station. The only sound you hear is precisely of your own decision. There are no interruptions as the high quality isolating leather ear pads reduce your exposure to external low-frequency noise by up to 85%. This enables your chosen music to breathe completely and you can hear every sound in a song – even that bassline that you always thought wasn’t particularly strong, until now. The treble lifts the vocals out and they feel like they’re suspended over the beat. The fact that you’re sitting in a cramped seat on the 07.48 to Waterloo is now a distant memory.


LINDY BNX-60 Headphones

The last time I saw a pair of decent headphones sitting atop a hard-case was on Daz ‘Fisty’ Foster back in Secondary school after he nicked mine from me.

You don’t even need to worry about catching the headphone cable on a stranger’s bag because these bad boys are wireless. Working via Bluetooth you can pair them up with your mp3 player and they then become an independent piece of kit. On each side are various buttons that you can use such as Play, Pause or skip forwards or back. There is a volume dial located on the right earpad which is super handy and thus disregards the need to be fumbling about in your pocket for the mp3 player controls.

Being that I mentioned that the LINDY BNX-60 Headphones work with Bluetooth technology then you could also use them with your smartphone. This doubles up as a unit fully able to let you make hands-free calls with its integrated microphone and on-ear controls. If you have a compatible smartphone, you can use its Voice Calling mode with these headphones as well.

I tried these on my phone and it was a pretty easy operation. Just press the Multi-Functional button on the side of the headphones to receive a call and you’re away. It’s a strange experience to have a phone call where you can hear the person on the other end of the line in stereo. Their voice was slightly muffled in my test, however, there were no cut outs at all even when I answered a call being in a different room away from my smartphone.


Right from the off you know these are going to do the job.

The headphones are housed initially in a sturdy presentation box which is nicely padded. Once opened you see the black, tough, carry-case with a chunky zip begging to be unfastened. The headphones sit comfortably on one side whilst the other leaves room for a small wire mesh pocket containing an audio cable with 3.5mm jack – the headphones can also be used in the traditional, non-wireless way –  and handy 1/4” box which is nicely padded. Once opened you see the black, tough, carry-case with a chunky zip begging to be unfastened.

The headphones sit comfortably on one side while the other leaves room for a small wire mesh pocket containing an audio cable with 3.5mm jack – the headphones can also be used in the traditional, non-wireless way –  and handy 1/4” stereo-plug and dual-plug flight adapters. Of course, there is a Micro USB charging cable included which at 80cm is not the longest size (but a lot better than an 8cm one I once received a Samsung digital camera) but still perfectly fine to leave your ‘phones charging alone on the desk. Incidentally, the unit’s enclosed Lithium Polymer battery can be fully recharged in 3 hours and depending on how you use them (wireless, noise-cancelling, or both) will provide anything from 12 to 30 hours power.


Headphones with handy iPhone in the pic to show you that BNX-60s work well with Apple products.

So we’re now getting the impression that these are the Range Rover of headphones – able to be used in rough terrain and still hold their own, keeping the main focus of use under harsh conditions. But I still wanted to try them from another angle.

For a pair of ‘cans in this price range (RRP £89.99) some may not want to take these outside the house and prefer to keep them for safe indoor use. This is perfectly fine and will enhance any listening experience regardless of location.

With the 1.5m audio cable provided, one can simply plug into any headphone socket and attach the other end into the headphones themselves. Home-listening regardless of whether it be a stereo hi-fi, tablet or computer, with the BNX-60s becomes an altogether better experience. The solid craftsmanship of the unit demands that any peripherals attached to it should immediately bow down to its superior monarchical heritage – LINDY have been in production leading-edge technology for over 80 years, don’t y’know?


These LINDY BNX-60 Bluetooth Wireless Active Noise Cancelling Headphones are great for short bursts of less than an hour at a time as I’ve discovered but what about a longer road test?

So I fired up the Technics decks and decided to do a home DJ set much to the pleasure of my two kids (and neighbours).

To be fair I didn’t have the output volume of the speakers at ‘club level’ yet nonetheless, it was loud enough so that when I was cueing up the next record they came into their own. All external fuss is at a minimum which enabled me to concentrate on the next track at hand and only that. I can only describe it as like being in an isolated sound booth. There was no bleed so it’s actually perfect for DJ use and in an environment for a club is a godsend.

I did this non-stop for 90 minutes – the kids had long disappeared by now to the safety of their bedrooms in search of more child-friendly music such as Rita Kiora and Rustin’ Beaver or whatever. I did notice though that due to the tightness of the headband (to keep the ear-pads solidly in contact) my ears did feel squashed and were in relief when I took them off.

As well as the headphones I also received a Lightning Cable Protector Kit. These are perfect if you own an Apple audio product as the protector slips over the Lightning cable and keeps it not only safeguarded against general wear and tear but because the silicone is fluorescent it enables you to find it at night or in low-light conditions. They are a bit fiddly to actually put on but once they are you’ll be safe in the knowledge that your cable’s lifetime is already being prolonged.

Lightning Cable to protect your wires

Lightning Cable to protect your wires against everyday use.


In conclusion, then, a pair of over-ear headphones that while delivering great sound and reducing sound leakage positively invites you to freely brave the elements, showing them off to the urban landscape with no constraints to clingy cables.

While not wanting to wear them for prolonged periods at a time the grip certainly lets you know that they are not likely to be falling off your head anytime soon. Plus they look good as well (the inside of the ear-pads are a luscious deep red), smooth not clunky.

The BNX-60s tick many boxes, and for the casual music listener that wants a robust, reliable and fun pair of headphones these are more than the right choice. The bonus of a generous amount of handy accessories also helps to seal the deal.

For more information on LINDY BNX-60 Headphones go to the Lindy website here.

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