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Peculiar Happenings at Ripley’s

The Weird And The Wonderful. 

Parenting, eh! Every dad needs a virtual escape hatch. Whether it’s a snatched hour on a console, a ‘man cave’ (you jammy b*stards), getting out and doing some sports or exercise (madness!) or simply sitting down to watch TV or movies (me). We all need a ‘get out’, which is why the stars seemed to align, with the arrival of Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children exhibition at Ripley’s Believe it or Not! In London’s Piccadilly Circus.


Step right up.... to Ripley's

Step right up….

I love Tim Burton, and find merit in all of his films, even if some are a little uneven. They are always fantastical to look at and whisk you away to someplace else for a couple of hours. His take on Batman remains pretty definitive (can’t really compare to Nolan’s – two different breeds). I’ve seen Danny Elfman, his go-to composer, play The Royal Albert Hall. Junior was a bump then but seemed to kick his accordance.


You can see his visual influence in projects like A Series of Unfortunate Incidents (on Netflix now – well worth watching). He’s pretty much unique and definitely one of my top 3 directors.


Eye eye at Ripley's Believe it or Not

Eye eye

Miss Peregrine…is a perfect fit. It’s a dark fantasy, Young Adult novel by the brilliantly named Ransom Riggs. In Burton’s hands, it features the usual hallmarks – stellar cast, themes of innocence, being an outsider, etc. But the coup is casting the brilliant Eva Green (have just finished Sky’s Penny Dreadful. Outstanding). She’s perfect *sigh *.

Some bits and bobs have been nabbed from the production, for Ripley’s. There are eyeballs in a bowl, a giant carrot and assorted costumes and props to get a closer look at. You can even get a picture taken where you’re seemingly half a body (upper). Spooky.

Split bear at Ripley's

Split bear

It looks like a Victorian parlour and feels like you’re a step closer to Burton and Miss Peregrine’s world. Couple this with floors of oddities, curiosities and a mirror maze to discombobulate the steeliest of visitors, it’s well worth a visit.

As with most attractions, book as early as possible to get the best discount on ticket price. Check the attractions/ areas first online (some may be unsuitable for younger visitors) and make a big day of it if you’re already in the Big Smoke.



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