Wham Bam, Cos I Got It Like That.

Nathaniel Hall, AKA Afrika Baby Bam, or these days, just plain ol’ B.A.M was a member of The Jungle Brothers, a founder of the Native Tongues Collective and a forefather of what has come to be known as the Daisy Age.

Considered by many to be the golden age of Hip-Hop, it included the likes of A Tribe Called Quest, De La Soul, Queen Latifah and the aforementioned Jungle Brothers.

At the time, most Rap and Hip-Hop centred around deep funk, disco and electro samples, a meaty serving of braggadocio, and a lot of guns and violence bantz.

Native tongues et al were crazy innovative and pioneering, and much of it still sounds fresh, futuristic even, today. With beats, grooves and samples that were more laid back in style than that which it had followed, taking in more jazzy influences and more complex layers, the rhymes were delivered intelligently and more coherently, with philosophical messages, political connotations and rallying for social justice.

Let us also not forget that the Jungle Brothers were the first Hip-Hop act to utilise house beats in their work (effectively spawning the early 00’s trendy microgenre ‘Hip-House’) and remain hugely influential the world over.

A Drum N Bass remix of Jungle Brother by Aphrodite in 1998, followed by a house remix of I’ll House You in 1998 regenerated interest in the group, and they released a further four albums between 2000 and 2006, before calling it a day in 2008.



Now based in London, B.A.M. has set up his own production company, has involved himself in various art, music and video projects, and is arguably producing some of the best work of his life.

Check out this video from 2015 with London-based live act The Mouse Outfit.



Worthing promoters par excellence ATOM bring B.A.M to St Paul’s Arts Centre on Saturday 4th March, where he will perform a DJ set of ‘Proper Party Vibes’, with support from Tru-Thoughts golden-boy J-Felix and Worthing based DJ Steeps.

This is the latest instalment of Club Atom, whereby an elder spokesman of a revered movement is invited to curate the direction of the night and meet/greet those who’ve come to pay respect.

It’ll take wild horses to keep us here at DBTH HQ away from this gem – See you down the front, mine’s an apple juice!!

Tickets available here.

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