Society, Stop Dad Bashing.

Society, Stop Dad Bashing.

I got a video on my Facebook wall the other day, opened it and watched it, it said they were suckers.

Unless you have been living under a rock or in a cave with no internet connection for the last few weeks you will have seen the amusing video doing the rounds on social media where Professor Robert Kelly who is being interviewed by the BBC has his film interrupted by his children.


The video is quite heartwarming and harmless.

From Funny to Not so Funny.

Last week two people filmed a parody of this and it really gets my goat, you want to know why?

The parody which I am not going to link here starts off with a woman being interviewed by the BBC, then her child comes into shot and rather than getting flustered she calmly feeds her. The next moment she is passed a roast chicken to baste, then she is ironing and so it goes on in an oh so hilarious demonstration of super parenting.


Insert Dad Fail Picture Here.

The tagline said something along the lines of ‘what would have happened if Mum was in charge’.

 The reason that this ‘hilarious parody’ infuriates me is that it adds fuel to the embers of the fire that is stoked by society and the media that portrays Dads as incompetent fools who are incapable of looking after their children.You see the video creates a vicious circle; Dads watch it and think ‘yeah we are rubbish us blokes aren’t we’ they lose confidence in their parenting abilities and let their partners do more of the work, then their partners feel frustrated and then they see the video and they share it with relish on social media so that yet more Dads see it and feel more incompetent.

Wake up and Smell the Nappies.

When are people going to realise that this sort of content is actually deeply offensive?

I continue to be amazed at how warped people’s perceptions are of male parenting. To my astonishment, the video has been liked and shared by many parenting bloggers and blogger groups that I follow as if this is actually acceptable and perfectly normal.

Perhaps people are so used to seeing this sort of moronic drivel that they just laugh along thinking nothing of it, blissfully unaware that it isn’t the 1950s anymore and Dads do actually play an active and extremely important role in bringing up their children.

I was not really that surprised to see this age-old stereotypical claptrap that usually appears in marketing to dads, but I have been genuinely surprised at the level at which it has spread on social media.

I believe that there are plenty of stay at home Dads or Dads who work full time and play the balance of caring for their children and working hard who found the video equally as frustrating.

I am sure that the people behind the video did not intend on causing such offence and they probably genuinely believe that it is hilarious bless them. For me, it isn’t the video itself that is the major problem it is the fact that a video like this in this day and age can receive such a receptive and welcoming audience.

Something needs to change in my opinion.

Anyway enough of this I have got ironing to do, a roast chicken in the oven and a bomb to defuse.

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