TotRockinBeats Goes East.

Ain’t No Party Like A TRB Party.

As the TRB grows, we are spreading our wings to bring our very special marvellous mash-up of music and mayhem to pastures new.

After receiving an email from a friend in Lewes (Hello, Alice head honcho of the Wildfolk crew) inviting us to visit the wonderful town of Lewes we thought we’d head east.

We don’t believe in any east coast/west coast beef. After all, it didn’t do Biggie and Tupac much good did it, eh?

Anyway moving swiftly on, after a quick scout around this historic town, we realised it is full of old school party people. These people are our people – They to had spent their younger years driving round the M25 at night looking for fields, warehouses or waving their hands in the air when Jarvis sang ‘Common People’.

These lovely folks only chance of partying nowadays involves trawling around the various birthday parties of the friends of their offspring. (Believe me, brothers and sisters, I feel your pain on that front!) so it is only right and proper that we step on up and help get rid of this utterly horrible problem.

Also, Lewes is tailor-made for us.  The town has a wonderful venue right in the middle of its High Street, (the Town Hall, obvs) with two huge rooms, enough to cope with a capacity of 1,000 people. With two stages, two huge dance floors, a ready made bar and a serious amount of buggy parking.

But don’t worry, we are capping this event at 400, so your toddlers have enough room to run around in. And more importantly, that middle-aged men have sufficient space to challenge each other to drunken Breakdance battles, without causing too much of an issue.

On one site visit with the team, Steve our tech and sound man said ‘Dan, this is too big, we can’t do it’ – He was swiftly and mercilessly shut -up by Corina, our in-house crowd rocking MC and Mel, the chief of all things soft play related, who mocked his faintheartedness.


Corina In Full Swing


It is an essential part of the TRB ethos that we ‘give it large’ and continuously try different things.

Had we stopped for a moment and considered such nonsense, we wouldn’t have had a 100-year-old Wurlitzer organ appear out of the stage to a mash-up of Star Wars/Bowie.


Old School Classics

Or a 97-year-old DJ having a 1,000 people eating out of her hand, at one of the last shows.


Age Ain’t Nuthin’ But A Number.


We do it because we can and because it hasn’t been done. We moonwalk where angels fear to tread!

On a side note. The fact that Pink Floyd also played the Town Hall means that we are continuing our theme of gracing the same stage as Rock Gods. – Our New Year’s Eve show had seen The Who, Hendrix and Bowie share the same dressing room as us in previous years. – As a man in the midst of a midlife crisis, you can imagine what this means to me.

So on Sunday the 14th May at 3 pm, we intend to turn Lewes Town Hall into a full-blown den of family-friendly iniquity. Well, when I say iniquity I mean the main vices will be gorging yourself silly on more fun that you can shake a glowstick at.

Our party chefs have been busy cooking up a real treat for you. The menu includes Gelato, a licenced bar and DJs playing a mix of Funk, Soul, Hip-Hop, Indie & Party Classics.

This will be served with a healthy side order of soft-play, craft, face-paintingLego pop-up play den and Bee-fit Fun Fitness entertainers to keep your little terrors utterly amused.

So, if you or anyone you know, is overdue a night out but can’t because they are held to ransom by the babysitter and stroppy toddlers, go tell them TotRockinBeats is here to help. We party hard in the afternoon and get everyone home in time for tea.


Tickets are strictly limited and are only available from here.

Go check out our FAQ for more info.

Join us on Facebook to see up to date info >

Look forward to seeing you all on the dancefloor!!


Dan and Nat TotRockinBeats

Big Poppa & Chief Rocka – TotRockinBeats

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Editor | Journalist | Part-Time Revolutionary.

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