TotRockinBeats To Host ‘The Appear On The Pier 2017’ Launch Party.

Following in the glorious footsteps of many a music hall legend of yesteryear we are taking TotRockinBeats to the end of the pier.

No, we won’t be putting on a medley of song and dance routines. But we alongside our DJ pals, GetItTogether. will be running a free, pop-up session at the beautiful Southern Pavilion in an after-school funkathon.

APPEAR ON THE PIER 2017 – Schools’ Annual Exhibition.


The project is the brainchild of Creative Waves’ artists, Vanessa Breen & Nadia Chalk, nine local schools and a range of local businesses.

The idea is to transform the centre isle of the pier into an interactive art gallery for visitors and local to enjoy.

Imagine the traditional beach cut-out, end of the pier wooden photo board of an old man with a hanky on his head next to his jolly-faced wife.

Then, throw in a mash-up of inspiration of several hundred local children and a team of artists that spent their formative years organising  90’s Acid Jazz bops and creating with Tank Girl and Gorillaz supremo Jamie Hewlett, and you’ll get the idea that this really isn’t something to be missed. (This is what they did last year…)



When I first heard about this project, I knew I had to be involved. So as part of the TotRockinBeats first birthday celebrations, we have been working closely with the Creative Waves team to create some incredible, interactive TRB artwork, so now anyone can now become a TotRockin’ DJ.

The project aims to inspire students to work effectively as part of a creative team. Highlighting the wide variety of skills that are needed to design and produce a collaborative collection of work. Working with their peers, sharing & developing ideas towards a specific theme, while exploring new creative skills.

On Wednesday, the 14th June between 5-7 pm, we will be hosting the launch party, so expect Funky tunes, cool crafts, the chance to have a beer in the warm summer breeze while you support this fantastic initiative.

This event is free; we just ask you to bring some good vibes and join in the fun.

Many thanks to all the schools; students & teachers, who participated in the project. The exhibition is on the pier until June 2018.

Thanks also to Worthing Borough Council & West Sussex County Council for supporting this project. If you would like to be involved with our creative projects, please contact


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