Beach Dreams Are Made Of This.

Apparently, around this time there is some daft rumour that summer has started. You remember summer? Vaguely. No on a serious point summer is when this lovely town of ours (Worthing)  really comes into its own. It’s when you remember why you live here in the first place.
Take a walk down to Splashpoint and see all the kids playing on the beach and around the ‘magic stones’ as they are known in our house. Literally, there are hours of fun to be had running in and out of some big stones with a sprinkling system built in them, a simply genius idea.
I remember a few years ago when we came on scouting missions to suss Worthing out before we move here and first stumbled on the area.
It was a blisteringly hot day and the walkway was full of happy smiling families. As I squinted into the distance along the coast to Hove, I remember thinking, that this really was a stunning place to live. It reminded me of being on South Beach in Miami. (Although there was a distinct lack of Lowrider’s booming out heavy bass and big bikini-clad booties pouring out liquor for their dead homies on the sidewalk) but you get the idea. If you don’t here’s Will Smith to give you a view…

 As a kid back in the 70’s, trips to the beach meant a two-hour cramped drive on a Sunday, with four travel sick kids, a dribbling dog and plumes of my parents fag smoke vying for space (back when smoking was cool).
Now for my son, it meant none of that. A ten-minute scoot and we are on beachfront for lashings of fresh air, a never ending list of games to play and places to explore in pretty much most weathers (and it’s free of course). At four years old this will be the foundations of his earliest memories, How great is that?
You know what I’ve also realised is that, since turning 40 something last year, I have come to appreciate the less obvious things in my life.
Now rather than fiending for the hustle and bustle of the big city, I’m surrounded by a quieter way of life with a backdrop stunning Art Deco/60’s inspired architecture like the Lido, Pier and Dome.
I sometimes imagine I am on the set of a Carry On film, as this is the perfect backdrop. (Ohh er missus). If you close your eyes you can just see Babs giggling while Sid makes gags about her threepenny bits at the slot machines on the pier. Or Bernard Bresslaw getting stuck on the trampoline in the Lido. A gentle reminder of days gone by.
The other thing is I started to notice is that the sunrise and sunsets over in Worthing are quite breathtaking. I don’t know if that is because there is less pollution or they have always been that way and I now actually look up more often and actually appreciate what is on my front door step.
Worthing Beach At Sunset

Worthing Beach At Sunset

Probably, it is the latter and that has to be a good thing, not being trapped on Facebook looking at other people’s lives, but making the most of what I have in mine.
Worthing Beach

Meeting with ‘Head of Adventure’ to discuss project ‘First day at preschool’

That’s why now the summer is here I am going to make sure that we have our tea on the beach after school and stay out as late as possible. Take a picnic, a little stereo and chase the waves until it is time for bed. If any of you fancy join us, you’ll be most welcome.

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