Blowin' Stuff Up!

TotRockinBeats To Blow Up Worthing Pier On Bonfire Night!

Bonfire Night 4- 6 pm Come & Join 1,000 People At The Tide Of Light – DJs | Lantern-Making | Soft Play | Breakdance Classes & More – Full Line Up Here >


Way back when, in 1605, a young fella me lad called Robert Catesby and some pals hatched a cunning plan to blow up some big houses in that there London.

As most people know it didn’t exactly go to plan, but it did spawn a huge industry that culminates every year with millions of people hanging out in the cold on a dark night in November,  to watch whizzy things go bang and crash in the sky in a 1,00 different colours.

Now some 412 years on from the original act, we decided to do the same, just not in London and not for political/religious reasons, unless of course, you subscribe to having Funk as your religion. This actually would be quite cool and would make Craig Charles the Pope….

Sorry I digress. TotRockinBeats has kindly been invited to take over the Pavillion theatre on the 5th of November by the team at Tide Of Light.


This means we get Funk the hell out of Worthing’s largest venue and blow the roof off the sucker by bringing together 1,000 people in the afternoon.

Then we lead the parade of 30,000 people through the streets to where we have invited our pals from ‘As Described’ to weave some magic and help light-up the Steine.

We know Sunday night is usually time to get ready for school but for the early part, and that many small people can’t stay up for the main fireworks, so we’ve fixed it. Be prepared to get Funkier than James Brown’s underpants on laundry day in a heatwave.

“TotRockinBeats brings you a marvellous mash-up of entertainment for all ages, that the weather can’t spoil”.

Blowin’ Stuff Up!

  • We have the crew from Wannado Street Dance coming down to get teach you how to own the dancefloor
  • Fresh from their excellent Hip-hop festival at Colonnade House, our partners in rhyme Get it Together DJs will be spinning a mix of 80’s & 90’s bangers
  • Worthing Sling Library hanging out to help you with all thing sling related, so get rid of that pushchair and get your tiny one up raving.
  • We’ve got a tonne of soft play from KidzPlay Events Creche and Tiny Tinkers Soft Play to jump about on.
  • Bee-fit in the middle of things causing all kinds of craziness and a whole lot more to keep you and your little un’s happier than Charlie in Wonka’s Chocolate factory.
  • Lots of cool craft that you usually expect from Tide of Light
  • A bar to get a half a shandy from, to keep the cold out.
  • And some incredible visual mayhem from the creative brains behind THE BIG CHILL Festival for those that are may be too young to stay up for the actual fireworks.

Get ready to throw some shapes

A resident at legendary London Venues, The Cross and The End back in the late 90’s, throwing wild, themed parties with some of the biggest names around, Djing with Farley Jackmaster Funk, Groove Armada, Sister Bliss (Faithless), Steve Lawler and K Klass to name a few, Declan McCahill knows his way around a set of decks.

Now, as a grown up with kids he has gracefully agreed to come and ‘Ave It Large’ at TotRockinBeats and show you lovely types a cracking time!

So you know this is going to be one hellva party.

Get your tickets while you can!

Click Here To Grab Your Tickets Now – Only £6 Each & Non-Walkers Are FREE!

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