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Don’t Talk To Strangers: – Well, You Can If You Really Want To.

Most of my Saturday mornings recently have been spent flyering the streets for the next couple of TotRockinBeats events. I’d wander around the parks, cinemas and talking to strangers,

What has surprised me is the huge amount of people that I’ve met recently that hadn’t lived in the area, this time last year. While I was talking to one young family last week, I spent about 15 mins distilling the benefits of why they should quit London asap and move down here.

It got to the point where they actually mentioned I should be paid by Worthing Tourist Board because my enthusiasm was so tangible. (If you are reading this W.T.B I will work for beer)

We all know this lovely town of ours is on the turn, the signs are all around us. Local mum of two and political type, Beccy ‘The Asteroid’ Cooper, nipping into the excellent Baked in Rowlands Road for a cuppa with Jezza Corbyn.

This – alongside things like the new restaurants and the small businesses that are springing up around us – are just some of the reasons that the houses for sale, around spend days rather than months of the market. But for me the overriding thing is that is great about this place is the people and how bleeding lovely they are.

Worthing seems to be top-heavy with people with smiley faces and the urge to want to help. (Of course, there are idiots, anyone that has been at the taxi rank opposite Subway on a Saturday night, will have seen them in their natural habit).

Back in the 70’s Charlie said we shouldn’t talk to strangers. Now I’m a grown-up, and I don’t have the urge to go to with them for sweeties or to see their puppies, I love chatting to new people and some great things that have happened.


There was:

· The next door neighbour who welcomed us into her heart and her home, from the very first moment I knocked on her door and introduce ourselves three years ago. And now even though we have moved she has followed us and still join us around the dinner table.

· There’s the fella I met by chance at St Paul’s directly lead to my wife getting the job she had always wanted in Fostering. Two years later, she still there and thriving.

· The 97-year-old lady Vera Charmers that I met last year, also at St Paul’s, who ended up DJ’ing at the TotRockinBeats N.Y.E party.

· Then there was the lady called Frances who told me about this great magazine she was launching called ‘Here & Now’. Twelve months later she is still letting me writing stuff like this and deliver it to over 35,000 people. 

All of these people were strangers, that had I had my head in my phone or ignored them, wouldn’t have had such an impact on my life.

So next time you are at the bus stop, share your chips with the person next to you. Or you are at the park or down the beach, make an effort and say hello to the person beside you.

A ) They might think you are weird and rapidly rush away Or B) They might just smile and continue a conversation that connects you with something quite wonderful.

Worthing – A Place Where Strangers Make Things Great Happen.

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