New Year's Resolutions
Dancing In The Sunshine

Its A New Dawn, Its A New Day And I’m Feeling…

You’ve heard the news, you’ve made the decision, and you say to yourselves again and again ‘This year will be MY year’.

You’re done with the booze, the takeaways, the bad habits, the late-night working and not catching up with friends because something has ‘come up’.

This year you will find ‘inner peace’ and take up Yoga. You will take all the washing off the exercise bike in the bedroom and use it. You will go to bed earlier and not binge on Netflix until the early hours.

You’ll be prepared and cook healthy, nutritious lunches for yourself the night before, so you don’t have to go to Gregg’s every lunchtime.

You will have downloaded that ‘Couch to 5k’ running app and have your application for the Marathon ready to send off.

You will print off positive affirmations from the internet and place them around the house, so you’ll never forget ‘YOU ARE SOMEBODY’…

You’ll listen to endless podcasts and read articles about ‘New Year’s Resolutions’. You will mark a big black cross on the kitchen calendar for January the 1st. This will be your YEAR!

Then, of course, by January the 3rd you’ll be done will all that. The depression of having to go back to work, only to be met with endless “So did you have a nice Christmas?” conversations by colleagues that you utterly hate and drunkenly thought weren’t that bad after you bonded over that 8th glass of wine at the ‘Works’ do, will have you poking out your eyes will rusty pencil sharpeners, rather than having to face them again.

Legoland Map - New Year's Resolutions

‘The Road To Resolution Is Fraught With Danger, Plan Wisely’

You’ll be met with tidying up all the mess that the kids have made over last three weeks of chocolate-induced mayhem. And then to top it all off, you’ll be greeted by a whopping great credit card bill, which will completely push you over the edge.

In no time at all, you’ll be tipping up the back of the sofa to try and find any leftover ‘Quality Street’, that might have found their way down there. And you’ll be in your PJs, with a Domino’s on your lap by 7.30pm as it is far too cold to go the gym.

Don’t feel too bad. Most ‘New Year’s Resolutions’ only set you up to fail because you expect too much of yourself.

New Year’s Resolutions Alternatives

So, do something simple and be kind to yourself. Stop looking at how many calories there are in a glass of wine. Stop reading blooming articles about ‘How you can change your life in an hour a day’ and focus on a couple of important things that make you and the people around you happy.

Do a couple of things that really aren’t that tricky but will ultimately make your world a better place.

Don’t judge other people – So what if their child is throwing a massive paddy in the middle of the supermarket? Do the compassionate thing and smile a supportive smile at the mum or dad in need, and offer some kind words of reassurance.

Send someone an actual Birthday card instead of a quick Facebook post. Remember that thing called the Post Box? They still exist for a reason.

Anyway, enough of all the do-gooding, I’m off to investigate how many chakras there are in a deep-pan Hawaiian with extra mushrooms.

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