School’s In For The Summer

Puttin’ it on wax.

You can smell the spray paint in the air and hear the warm static crunch of dusty vinyl as The Hype transport you back to 70s New York with our forthcoming Block Party.

We have rounded up a bunch of the finest DJ’s that the scene has to offer, in fact, the line up features more Grade A Selectors than you could shake a piece of lino at!

These DJs have honed their craft over many many years, peddling their sound over airwaves and dance floors across the whole of the UK and further afield.

As these guys spin a supreme selection of highly sought after and classic records, some of the kids in the crowd will probably be wondering what those big plastic C.Ds are so I thought I would pick the brains of these vinyl ambassadors and ask them which 5 records they would pick to educate the yoot dem’ on the foundations of Hip Hop?

I wanted to know what the most important, memorable and influential records were that they would most want to pass on to the next generation in a Hip Hop History lesson.

So check out the Top 5’s below and grab the inside scoop on the background of these funky fellas.

Black Belt Jonez | 1BTN FM Burnt Toast |

Black Belt Jonez - Hip hop DJ

First up we have 1BTN stalwart Black Belt Jonez.

Jonez’s first introduction to Hip Hop was at the tender age of about 10 via the awesome Street Sounds Electro series (specifically volumes 7, 9 & 10).

By the time he was 13 his paper-round was sound-tracked exclusively by Paris, Above The Law, Public Enemy, Blade, Gunshot, NWA & The Geto Boys and he eventually started buying records from the Aladdin’s cave of imported vinyl that was Jay’s of Cambridge.

He began his DJ career in earnest when he moved to Brighton in 2000.

Between 2002 & 2016 you would find him in pubs across Brighton spinning Soul, Funk, Hip Hop, Jazz, Beats & Breaks, most notably at The Black Lion where his Burnt Toast night smashed all previous bar-take records. He has slowed down on playing out since becoming a parent & has now shifted Burnt Toast onto a radio format.

Black Belt Jonez talks us through his Top 5:

1. DST – Home Of Hip Hop

‘Despite having never been to the Bronx when I was 10, this track took me right there with dope dubby atmospherics & evocative lyrics.’

2. Eric B & Rakim – Follow The Leader.

‘Way ahead of its time lyrically. Rakim is most rapper’s favourite rapper and with good reason.’

3. Doug E Fresh & The Get Fresh Crew – The Show

‘This was just some straight up funny sh*t that used to get more rewinds than any other in the tape deck. Probably sent my Mum half crazy.’

4. Public Enemy – Black Steel In The Hour Of Chaos.

‘It Takes A Nation…’ is my favourite LP. That album and this tune specifically proved that Hip-Hop could educate as well as entertain.’

5. Gangstarr – Who’s Gonna Take The Weight.

‘No Hip Hop list is complete without Gangstarr. There are so many tunes that could’ve made the cut but this one always remains the favourite, ever since seeing them perform this track live. Preemo’s cuts & Guru’s verses were the perfect marriage. I still get goosebumps from the memory!’

You can catch Black Belt Jonez’ awesome Burnt Toast Radio show on 1BTN F.M between 12 and 2 p.m. every Saturday or catch up anytime over on Mixcloud.

DJ Trick | Get it Together |

DJ Trick Hip Hop DJ

Next up I caught up with D.J Trick, Co-Founder of Worthing Hip Hop collective Get it Together.

Brighton born DJ Trick started DJ’ing at the age of 16 and whilst living in Cornwall started rocking parties on a Dancehall sound system in his local village hall.

Trick started breakdancing in 1995 and went on to breakdance with Knowledge of Self and Global Inhabitants before becoming a mainstay on the Worthing nightlife scene as a DJ at numerous venues.

Influenced by sound system culture Trick is an authentic selector style D.J.

Trick talks us through his Top 5 picks;

  1. Dougie Fresh & The Get Fresh crew – The Show.

‘This track had all the elements; beatbox, emceeing, great beat, we always used to set it off at school discos for a burn (referred to as a battle today).’

2. Public Enemy- Bring The Noise.

‘This had political messages, great music, and intelligent rhymes.’

3. Eric B and Rakim – Paid in Full.

‘Such an original sample of Ofra Haza this tune is brilliant Still a killer tune to play out this is a real classic.’

4. Audio Two – Top Billin.

‘A basic, raw, and stripped down tune but if its gonna go off at any Hip-Hop event this will force the B-boys onto the floor; a real mood setter.’

5. London Posse – My Beatbox Reggae Style.

‘The UK Hip-Hop scene had its own thing and after watching a documentary called ‘Bad Meaning Good’ I rushed to the local Our Price store and bought this 12″single. This track truly showed that Hip-Hop could be done with style in a UK accent.’

If you want to check out where you might find DJ Trick and the other Get it Together DJ’s have a peep at their Facebook page. Check out their Mixcloud page for their latest mixes.

Rob Life | Vinyl Veterans | Funk For The Folks |

Last but not least we have Rob Life’s choice cuts.

Rob is a DJ who was originally heavily influenced by Hip Hop, but from then started to discover a lot of the original songs that were sampled in Hip Hop tracks.

Like many others from his era, this sparked an endless voyage of digging through all sorts of weird and wonderful musical genres which he built into his DJ sets and mixes over the years.

You can catch Rob DJ’ing for ‘Vinyl Veterans’ and also ‘Funk For The Folks’ and check out the monthly ‘Rarekind Records Radio Show’ on 1BTN where Rob joins Ewan and Joey Deez from the Rarekind record shop in Brighton.

Get social with Rob to keep up to date with his appearances on Facebook and hear his mixes on Mixcloud.

Rob’s top picks:

Eric B & Rakim – The Ghetto (LP version)

‘Rakim is probably my favourite emcee, his voice, phrasing and what he says are always on point – there are many tracks I could pick by him, The Ghetto is a great example of Rakim dropping some lyrical food for thought over a great sample lifted from The 24-Carat Black track “Ghetto: Misfortune’s Wealth”.’

Nas – The World is Yours

Nas is another top emcee and this is a classic track – “The world is yours” lyrically has that hint of menace that reflects the environment around at the time, but still delivers a positive message, taken from my favourite Nas album “Illmatic”.

Public Enemy – Fight the power –

‘Another classic group and track (again one of many by this group).  The music is powerful but still has dancefloor appeal (due to sampling the funk staple, The JBs – “Hot Pants Road”). Public Enemy’s (Chuck D’s) lyrics are informative and challenge norms, which is perhaps as relevant in the modern era of “fake news”. Growing up in the late ’80s and ’90s, one thing Public Enemy did was empower people to question (and research), instead of take things at face value.’

Show & AG – Party groove (Vocal mix) / London Posse – Jump around (Remix)

‘A couple of party tunes,  as a DJ even to this day I usually have at least one of these records with me. They are both funky as hell, well known (but not completely overplayed) and have quality rappers.’

5 Is The Magic Number.

There you have it, the top 5 picks as chosen by two superb selectors exclusively for The Hype.

So switch off C’Beebies, turn up the dial on the volume to these tunes and get down to some old school tutoring with your little Tot Rockers’!

I can hear you lacing up your Air Jordan’s and throwing on your three stripe track jacket with excitement but hold the phone, there is more to this block party than a supreme selection of spinners; in addition to a fine array of funk-fuelled old school Hip Hop to shake your rump to, there will be outdoor graffiti murals, live Breakdance displays, Nerf Gun wars and did I mention a bar!

This fantastic event is taking place in the superb setting of the Brighton and Hove Open Air Theatre from 2 until 5 p.m. on Sunday 13th May.

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I am a new parent and I write a joint blog with my wife at I am a DJ and Co-Founder of Get it Together, a collective of Hip Hop artists. We promote artists and events that celebrate Hip Hop culture. I am loving channeling my creative side through writing blogs.

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