Fix Up, Look Sharp. Here’s A Special Message From The Hype


“My first memory of Dan was not too long ago in 2016 at our very first TRB event which was for Halloween. The moment I walked into the venue accompanied by my wife with our 6 month old strapped to me in the sling, I knew that he was onto something very special and for the first time since I ‘retired’ from my raving days I felt at home again and as though I was a part of a scene. That event also kick-started me to start DJ’ing again and I’m now proud to be on the other side of the dance floor at TRB events helping Dan out behind the decks.

If you could bottle up Dan’s energy, his kind heart, and his amazing ideas you would have a winning formula for making the world a better place; we need more Dan Flanagans!!  Happy birthday to the number one big Poppa!”

David James Taylor


“Alright Dan!

Happy Birthday Mate. Hope you have a fantastic day!”



“Don’t do that usual thing of laughing this off and making some self-deprecating joke to downplay it.”


“Happy birthday Dan.
We go back a lot further than my memory can cope with these days and I can’t put that all down to my age or call you old now because I think I’m older. From training course at NPI, I think, to gigging at your charity bash at the Royal Wells, its always been a laugh and a pleasure. I am so pleased our paths have crossed again and we are getting to work together, well when I occasionally do some writing.
Have a good one mate. Enjoy and keep on keeping on”.
Cheers Stuart H


“Hi Dan,

I hope you have a fantastic birthday. You deserve it. You’re amazing and have been a true inspiration for me to get off my arse in the last couple of years. Don’t do that usual thing of laughing this off and making some self deprecating joke to downplay it. You have thrown yourself into uncharted (and frankly terrifying) waters which is something I don’t know if I could do. I know this has caused you stress, heartache, and a mountain of ‘stuff’ to do but it’s been worth it.

If it wasn’t for you I wouldn’t have written my own blog, had the wherewithal to chance my arm with writing a regular column for an actual magazine, or meet such brilliant creative folks.

Thank you Dan. Did you ever know that you’re my hero, and everything I’d like to be? I could fly higher than an eagle, ’cause you are the wind beneath my wings. Well, if it’s good enough for Cannon and Ball it should be good enough for you big man!”




“I have to say it seems so long ago when I was sat waiting to go& see Grandmaster Flash at the Pier Pavillion. As I waited at the Beachouse in walked a very dapper chap complete no doubt (it was a while ago now) in a great hat, glasses and most striking of all… pale blue fat laces! Well, only a very select group of people will know and recognize what that signifies….we gotta true hip hop head here! In seeing this I kinda knew we’d meet, sure enough, later that evening we did and so this journey began. In the words of Fatboy himself “we’ve come a long way baby”!

From throwing together impromptu setups in the middle of town, workshops, outdoor events…who can forget that frozen Shoreham 1? To packing out the Assembly Hall, The Pavillion and now festival performances. I know we argue like blazes sometimes, well you shout & I have to listen. You have become somewhat of an honourary Leo friend which is great coz I lost my other when he was 39. So keep it up kiddo we appreciate what you do.

Oh & a very big Happy birthday Big man.”



“Happy Birthday to a Top Rocker and Dad Dancer Extraordinaire!  I look forward to many more events as your very own fly on the wall”.



Also From Tyler
There were just one or two people who wanted to say happy birthday to the Hypefather, MrTRB and the Poppa of Dad La Soul. Also, there’s me who wants to wish you a massive Happy Bloomin’ Birthday… but we’ve got work to do. Stop crying into your cornflakes and I’ll see you in the office for a cup of builders tomorrow. Ruth X

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