The Ghosts Of Christmas Present.

Dapper Dads Gift Guide.

From days of old to the present. Don’t Believe The Hype is back with our Dapper Dads Gift Guide so if you’re knee deep in your own kid’s gift lists, don’t worry, we have a few suggestions to ensure you don’t get socks…

Suits You, Sir

They say you can judge a man by the company you keep, but you can also judge them to what they wear of their feet.

Some styles never really go out of style, Brogues are one of them. Whether in the office, pub or at a family occasion where you need to have to dress up sharper than Michal Caine in The Italian Job, then rocking a decent pair of shoes is a must.

When it comes to finding a decent pair, the adage of “Comfort over Style” (or “Style over Comfort” if you’re a woman in Stilettos) comes into play. You can’t always live your life in slippers or trainers – Although I am sure many of us would secretly like to. No, if you are looking for something smart, classic and understated then you have to invest in a bit of quality rather than trying to latch on to the latest trends for people half your age.

This is where the classics come into play. London Brogues create high-quality, stylish and comfortable shoes and boots which enable us dads to elevate the look instantly. Quintessentially British, On-trend, always affordable and more than enough cool for you to get many a glad-eye from other dads on the school run.
Available from: London Brogues


When the turkey has finally cooked, all the chocolates have been eaten, the kids are in bed after their 5 am start and it’s time to chill out and enjoy your pressies. What better way to end the day than with a favourite tipple? If whiskey is your thing then try the Ailsa Bay Sweet Smoke Single Malt, it’s a little bit different to your average whisky, this whisky is distilled by using technology… the ultimate gift for the tech-head in your life!  

As with the technology at the distillery, the liquid profile is constantly evolving, Ailsa Bay is the first whisky to have controlled measures of both sweet parts per million (SPPM) and phenol (peaty) parts per million (PPPM). This unique process is driven by exacting precision; using data points to adapt and control the nature of the liquid creating unimagined, perfectly-balanced flavour possibilities. Definitely, one you need to keep and savour for yourself. Available from The Whisky Exchange.

Pure as…

Christmas is always a crazy busy time of year and when you have a busy house, you have heard Baby Shark for the hundredth time, the in-laws are driving you slightly mad… it’s time to escape to another room. Well, with the Pure Siesta Home you can. Compact but powerful, instantly tunes in to all the radio stations that you want to listen to and is also a CD player (remember them?).

This all-in-one audio system with DAB & FM radio, Bluetooth streaming,  makes sure your audio choices are covered. Not only does it have all of the above and looks sleek, but while you’re at it you can also charge your phone with one of the two USB charging ports. If you want to escape to your little haven then take this with you and bang out your own choice of Christmas tunes (or your old skool CD collection), you can sip your whisky, admire your new shoes and don’t worry if you think you may need to accidentally catch some Zs after Christmas lunch as the Siesta Home also has dual alarms and sleep and snooze functions just in case. We know… Available from: John Lewis

Oh No You Didn’t…

Christmas is all about the kids (so some people say) so spend some quality time with the family, go back to your childhood and visit the panto. Even the biggest fun sponge can’t refuse to laugh out loud at the jokes that go way above the kid’s heads and complete with all of the usual expectations from the cast, if you get a good line up then the energy is infectious. Hype HQ took our Tot Rockers to Aladdin a room full of kids and adults having fun and smiling…now that’s a gift money can’t buy. Check local listings for tickets.


Now if you do end up with a pair of socks in your stocking on Christmas morning, you’ll only have yourself to blame!.

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