About Me

ME: Dan a 41-year-old, hat-wearing dad to a mischievous 4 -year -old (Duke), husband to (Er Indoors), PR living, tea drinking, ageing b-boy.


Mosh pit here we don't come..

Mosh pit here we don’t come, as my knees won’t take it.

What I write about:

“Stories About Fatherhood, Fashion, Funk & Foolishness. Made For Dads Who Like To Dress & Dance Like A Don & Laugh About Things They Really Shouldn’t”.  

I started this blog as a “young” dad on the verge of midlife and style crisis. So rather than suck my belly in or have an affair, I thought I’d write.

Behind The Hype.

Last year I quit my job to start a revolution. I wanted to be a father rather than an observer in my son’s life. This has taken me a rollercoaster ride away from the last 20 or so years of my career in the Digital marketing and PR world.  

So now by day, you can find me writing my life stories on places like the Huffington Post, interviewing musical legendscreating successful PR events like the Ultimate DadsPlaydate, or attending ‘Beach school’ and getting bullied by a bunch of four-year-olds. 

But mainly you can find me figuring out the rules to being a grown up while playing Kung-Fu Panda, Helicopter Pirate Batman or whatever new game my son has created that day.

I like building secret dens, going treasure hunting and understanding more about how the world looks like when you are four years old again.  

By night, I help put on gigs with musical legends and have recently launched TotRockinBeats – a family friendly rave, that will take place on Father’s Day, in an old converted church on a Sunday. 

I like conversations with random strangers, dancing to Soul and Old School Hip-Hop and reading books about real people whose lives are worlds away from my own. 

I love listening to Mixcloud, watching 80’s films, drinking tea and being a husband, brother, son , uncle and friend to some of the nicest and somewhat strangest creatures on God’s green and pleasant earth. 

If you would like to say hello or find out more, you can contact me @DBTHSocialPR or dan @ dontbelievethehype.biz. I am always happy to hear from new people, so don’t be afraid, I won’t bite. Well, I will if you ask nicely and the price is right. 




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