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Dapper Dads 2.0. Bring The Noise.

DBTH is the love child of Dan Flanagan a forty something dapper, hat-wearing, tea-drinking, part time revolutionary from the South Coast. Having spent the last twenty years working in PR and Digital Marketing for a range of international brands, he quit the rat race in Sept 2015 to start a revolution in all things dad related. 

Mosh pit here we don't come..

Now he spends his time keeping busy coming up with ideas, telling strangers he is not a babysitter, putting 1.000’s families on the dance floor at TotRockinBeats, organising the ultimate dad’s playdates, interviewing musical legends and being bullied by most of the four-year-old’s his son hangs out with.

Jim Coulson

Jim has been a radio presenter since 2000, working at stations around the country including Kerrang! Radio and hosting the breakfast show on Viking FM. He’s  performed stand-up comedy at the Edinburgh Fringe, written sketches for BBC 4Extra, and has been published in the Guardian, Sabotage Times, Northern Life magazine and pretty much everywhere in-between.



Jim’s alter-ego ‘Bewildered Dad’, gets his thoughts on parenting heard on his award-winning podcast and as part of the Dad Network TV vloggers team.




Most Saturday’s, during home games, you’ll find Jim on the pitch at Scunthorpe United, whipping the masses into a frenzy.

After discovering each other’s work via Twitter, a mutual love affair was quickly born.

The common bonds of dad blogging, toddler-taming, bad comedy, good music and hatred of the media’s perception of dads as bumbling buffoons set the wheels in motion.

A flurry of late night Skype calls became a fertile breeding ground for revolutionary thinking and story-boarding of ideas.

The stage was quickly set for campaigns like this >  


As ‘The Hype’ grew so did the team. We welcomed on board a merry bunch of middle-aged, midnight marauders from across the UK. A mixture of writers, designers, DJs or just plain hopeless reprobates to help tell stories that continue to shock and to amaze our ever-growing tribe.

These include:

Dominic Murray:

Dom spends his daytime working in a marketing department, but by nights, weekends and holidays he’s a father of two small children (five and seven years old).

Outside of family and career, he is a part-time illustrator for hire with a not-remotely-lucrative sideline in family cartoon portraits. As well as this he produces paintings of Robin Hood which he has managed to sell into some of Nottingham’s biggest tourist attractions.

As if this wasn’t enough, he also publishes his weekly film blog called No-one Likes Subtitles (the perfect stomping ground for middle-aged dads who love films) where he soapboxes to his heart’s content every Monday.

Dave Taylor


At 34 years old, Dave is the ‘young un” of our happy bunch and grew up in a village in Warwickshire. When not racing around on his Grifter bike he spent his youth raiding his older brother’s record collection of 80’s HipHop.

This grew into an obsession with vinyl that landed him his first set of decks when he was 13. In 2002 he moved to Sussex to study Music Production and fell in love with living by the sea.

From there he swapped the scratch routines for disturbed sleep routines in April 2016 when he was given the most important job in the world; to be a Dad.

Now his world revolves around his wife and their little girl. Outside of this, when time allows and he has been a very good boy, he occasionally gets to indulge in his other three big loves, namely writing, food & drink and music.

Gram ‘Canyon’Trelford


Exiled Geordie Gram is Daddy to 2-Year-old twins Lovinia and Gabriel, a music obsessive and has only shaved his face twice this century.

A trombone player since the age of six, he has parped his way around concert halls, clubs and festivals the world over, playing funk, soul, jazz, 60’s RnB and Afrobeat, sometimes on stilts, and often taking a bag of records along for the ride and spinning those platters what matter.

Gram has also worked in homelessness for almost 20 years and currently runs a Life Skills programme for residents of Homeless Hostels in the Brighton Area.

Though the music has taken a back seat sine the arrival of his ‘Snot-Apes’ in late 2014, his still has a voracious appetite for writing about and listening to new music, and currently heads-up the Funk, Soul and Jazz pages for online culture mag, as well as regularly contributing to these here pages. In the coming year, he intends to do more work championing the cause of Dad 2.0, lots more writing, and become a hyperactive member of the revolution that is DBTH.

So now, together with a trusted band of other highly creative types, they produce dad-related content for agencies and brands across the land.

If you want to know more about us or find out how you can become part of the next chapter of the dad-focused revolution, then just get in touch and let us show you exactly what we can do. 

Say Hello, Go On You Know You Want To>.

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