The Story So Far

Dapper Dads 2.0. Bring The Noise.

Dan Flanagan – Editor-in-Chief

DBTH is the love child of Dan Flanagan a forty-something dapper, hat-wearing, tea-drinking, part time revolutionary from the South Coast. Having spent the last twenty years working in PR and digital marketing for a range of international brands, he quit the rat race in Sept 2015 to start a revolution in all things dad-related. 

Mosh pit here we don't come..

Now he spends his time keeping busy coming up with ideas, telling strangers he is not a babysitter, putting 1.000s of families on the dance floor at TotRockinBeats, organising the ultimate dads’ playdates, interviewing musical legends and being bullied by most of the kids his son hangs out with.

Ruth Harrison Roberts – Editor

Ruth has been working with words one way or another for over twentysomething years. With a background in copywriting, journalism and marketing as well a few years in fashion and modelling she left the catwalk behind and upped sticks with two kids in tow to the South Coast. In early 2018 she joined the ranks at Hype HQ and is now a fully-fledged tea drinking member and the woman in charge at Don’t Believe the Hype. Want to write for The Hype? Ruth is the person you need to impress. Email her right now.

Jim Coulson – Social Media Content Producer

Jim is a freelance writer, radio presenter and vlogger who lives in deepest, darkest West Yorkshire. He’s a dad of two who produces infrequent articles and occasional videos for The Hype. In mid 2018 he officially joined DBTH to produce content for our social media accounts. As such, he spends most of his time sifting through videos of cats, which is pretty much what he did beforehand anyway.



Jim’s alter-ego is ‘Bewildered Dad’

The Hype Team

As ‘The Hype’ grew, so did the team. We welcomed on board a merry bunch of middle-aged, midnight marauders from across the UK. A mixture of writers, designers, DJs or just plain hopeless reprobates who help tell stories that continue to shock and to amaze our ever-growing tribe.

These include:

A solicitor, a radio broadcaster, two stand-up comedians,  a tailor, an illustrator, a housing officer, an insurance investigator, a copywriter, an author, an international man of mystery, a PR director and a part-time revolutionary.

You can call them, Dominic Murray, The Nocturnal Dad, Aidan Goatley, Dave Taylor, Christos Christou, Stuart Hardman, Jamie Crawford, Gary Lewis, Gram Trelford and the list goes on.

Between us, we have kids from the age 0 to 15, so know a thing or tw0 about the different stages of being a dad.

Dapper Dads Assemble

That’s the team of highly creative folk who produce dad-related content for agencies and brands across the land under the banner of Don’t Believe the Hype.

If you want to know more about us, discover how we can make your brand appeal to Dad 2.0,or find out how you can become part of the next chapter of the dad-focused revolution, then just get in touch and let us show you exactly what we can do.

Contact Us NowSay Hello, Go On You Know You Want To>.

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