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Just A Few Of The Nice Things People Have Said.

Looking to work with Don’t Believe the Hype? These are the lovely things people say about us. Take a look at these Don’t Believe the Hype testimonials and talk to us today about putting your brand front and centre for a Dad 2.0 audience.

Don’t Believe the Hype Testimonials


We want to add you onto this list of Don’t Believe the Hype testimonials. Do you want to talk to dads? Real dads, that is, not the ones portrayed in most adverts? We help you navigate the tricky waters. Don’t talk down to us. Don’t make fun of us. We are serious about bringing up our kids, dressing well and dancing like demons.

The Don’t Believe the Hype Testimonials above show what we can do; let us do it for you.

Don't Believe the Hype Testimonials

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