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So, Do You Wanna Come To A Party?

Tickets for TotRockinBeats sell-out fast – Click the link below

Dad La Soul – The Ultimate DadsPlayDate: 23rd June. BUY NOW

TotRockinBeats ‘Kid Forever!’ (Britpop Special) @Chichester Student Uni: 29th July. BUY NOW

TotRockinBeats @ Chilled In A Field Festival: 3rd – 5th August.  BUY NOW

TotRockinBeats @ Arundel Festival: 19th August. BUY NOW 

Never been to TotRockinBeats before? Then watch the video to check out what goes on.

Useful Information: Here Are Some Things You Should Know.


Strictly No Idiots. 

TRB is a safe family-friendly environment. Anyone spoiling the vibe will be covered in Haribo and fed to a pack of wild and frenzied toddlers. Then they will have to face a huge group of angry mums for a severe telling off, followed by a merciless kick in by a group of overworked dads, angry that they haven’t had a lie-in for weeks. Don’t be that person.

Your Children Are Your Responsibility.

We are not your unpaid babysitters. Please keep an eye on your offspring at all times. Any lost children, left unclaimed at the end of the event will be sold for three magic beans.

Come One, Come All. 

Whatever your colour, religion or background, as long as you come in with the party vibe, you will be welcome.

TotRockinBeats is most suitable for parents with kids under the age on 10. Teenagers although most welcome tend to be horrid sulky types who cramp our style.

We suggest buying them a bottle of cider, 10 fags and sending them down the park for a couple of hours, whilst you bust out your best moves on the dancefloor, with children that aren’t overtly embarrassed by you.

trb 8


TRB also welcomes those silver foxes and foxettes that might have gone raving in days before the Summer of 88′.


trb 10


Our very own ‘DJ Charming Vera’ regular rocks the crowd at the ripe old age of 97. If you have a slightly older relative or neighbour, please feel free to bring them along.

Please Leave Your Buggies At Home. 

We have limited space for buggy parking and do not allow them anywhere near the dance floor, for fear of accidents when middle-aged men breakdance. If at all possible, please leave them at home or in the car.


Babies and non-walking toddlers free. However, they DO still need a ticket so we can keep an eye on headcount.

Please ensure you get one, we would hate for them to have to be left outside in their prams with a bottle of Tizer and a bag of crisps. Although this is how many of us will have been treated by our parents, it is no longer the 1970’s and the pesky blighters at Social Services frown quite a lot on this type of thing apparently.


trb 6


Check out our FAQ section for more info.

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