Putting Families On The Dancefloor & Babysitters Out Of Business.

As parents of toddlers, it seems like 99.9% of our lives revolves around juggling tantrums, keeping up on playground politics and trying desperately trying to erase the ‘Peppa Pig’ theme tune from burning ever deeper holes in our psyche.



The sheer idea that we need some semblance a social life is utterly ridiculous. We have a social life; it’s just it resolves around transporting our offspring around various clubs and birthday parties. Despite this outrage there is still the small percentage of brain-space that remembers a time when we were  ‘Avin’ it large’ around fields in the M25. Or pumping our fists to ‘Fight The Power’. And when Jarvis crooned about ‘Let’s all meet up in the year 2000’ it seemed like a light year away.

However, nowadays it seems like, if we do manage a night out, babysitters need to be sourced, favours pulled in and friends’ diary commitments negotiated by a U.N. peacekeeping envoy.


trb 4


Almost overnight we’ve swapped doing ‘The Running Man’ for the ‘The School Run’. Admit it, we’ve grown up and sold out. The vinyl is packed away and the dancing shoes have become comfortable plimsolls for stumbling around the garden. Now the only E’s we’re dropping are the numbers from the kids’ organic juice. To paraphrase Chuck D’s booming voice, ‘Brothers and Sisters I know what your world is coming to’.


This Is What TRB Is All About


Well,  f*ck that for a game of merry soldiers. In the spirit of revolution, we built #TotRockinBeats.

It pulls together the best of a night OUT-OUT (licenced bar, DJs playing music that takes you back twenty years, no taxi queues and no idiots) with enough child-friendly entertainment (face painting, soft play and craft area, giant Jenga, remote controlled cars.. etc) to exhaust even the most hyperactive of toddlers. It’s like going to an amazing festival except you don’t have to camp.

The best bit? Well, one of them is it is that we put them on at 4-7pm. That way you don’t need to worry about paying the babysitter or getting home for bedtime.

Sounds like some weird, toddler-friendly, Soul 2 Soul soundtracked utopia, doesn’t it? Why not join the 500 or so party people we put on the dancefloor at every sell-out gig and find out for yourself?


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