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The Objective of DBTH

This aim of DBTH is to give a home to dads that were 70’s & 80’s kids. We want your dad blog contributions, but this is no normal dad blog. We are Dad 2.0

Who We Are

Twenty years ago, we were reading titles like Loaded, FHM, Melody Maker & Street Hip-Hop Connection. Now ‘New Lad’ has become ‘New Dad’ we are the same people, but we think differently.

We’re the ex-ravers, the ageing b-boys, the indie kids that were brought up on a diet of ‘jumpers for goalposts’, VHS, questionable BBC presenters, bloody good music and parents that thought nothing about leaving us outside the pub with a bottle of pop and a bag of crisps.

Sadly, the media assumes that we haven’t progressed and that, because we are dads, we are in fact incompetent buffoons that have no real interest in our children’s welfare.

That’s where they have got it so very wrong.

We are Dad 2.0. We are more than capable of changing a nappy, wiping away tears, investing our time into our offspring and having an equal hand in parenting.

With that in mind, DBTH has published our own Dadifesto. We aim to launch a full-scale riot on the doorstep of advertisers that continue to perpetuate the fraud and promote negative stereotypes of dads.  

DBTH is ready to take on the fight and give a voice to middle-aged, midnight marauders, the dancers, the DJ’s, the film buffs, the trainer fiends and the downright dishearten, the put-upon man of today.

We share stories, anecdotes, features and interviews about Fatherhood, Film & Funk and Fashions that we want to watch, wear and talk about.

Most importantly we publish the stories that we want to read, not the ones that advertisers or the mainstream tell us to.

Dad Blog Contributions

Things to note

DBTH is not just another ‘daddy’ blog – We are a revolution, a way of life and something to be proud of.


Conversational, humorous, persuasive, energetic, quirky, fun, informative, fresh. Sarcasm and puns are loved.


Minimum 600-800 words, but don’t limit yourself. Feel free to write as much as you want.


2nd person – “you, your” “we, us”. Instructive, conversational tone that doesn’t talk down to the reader.


Ideally, we include an image relating to each heading or every 400 words. (This makes is nicer from readers using mobiles).

Please only use images that you own the rights to. Alternatively, you can use those that you have actively sought the copyright owner’s permission. If you have, please apply full credit in the form of a link at the bottom of the article. Example –  Images courtesy of Batman.com.

If in doubt, don’t take the risk – embed a YouTube clip instead.

Please ensure all images are hi-res and ideally set to measure 750 x 550. 


We love a YouTube embed to help illustrate a story. If you want to use them, please ensure you use the following resizing and code when you upload:

Width 750 x Height 550

<center>  Insert embed code  </center> (This ensures that video sits nicely on the page).


Listicles and bulleted points are great – as are meaningful subheadings


We want your stories to be easily digestible and for readers to value what you have created.

We want to get them thinking, remembering, laughing, arguing, challenging and championing the subject matter.

Give them enough, so they want to know more.

Examples of tone/depth expected:





How to contribute to Don’t Believe the Hype

If you are interested in joining the revolution, here’s what you do:

Once we’ve sworn you in and you’ve signed over your first-born child and completed a series of near-death challenges, you will earn your own login to the DBTH site.


  1. Email your story angle/pitch/idea in 2-3 lines to ruth@dontbelievethehype.biz and get it signed off/ridiculed.
  2. Write your story.
  3. Upload your article using your personal DBTH login.
  4. Ensure images have correct credit and you have resized them.
  5. Submit to the editor for final sign-off/suggested edits.
  6. Complete.
  7. The post goes live.
  8. Promote.

Notes: Please ensure you have a completed Gravatar, so your full profile goes on your byline. You wrote it; you get the credit.  


Do you get paid? – Honestly now, the short answer is no. If you are in it for the cash, then you are in the wrong place.

DBTH is a labour of love; we are building something that matters, something doesn’t exist and something that needs to. We give you a soapbox for you to shout about the things that matter to you.

It’s not all one-sided:

Once you have become a regular contributor, you’ll get access to our skills exchange and editorial calendar.

Not only can you sharpen up your future posts, but you could get access to the list of product reviews/freebies that brands want us to talk about. These will be yours to play with and keep.

You’ll be part of a national band of brothers, a digital dad’s army ready to have your back when you need us.

We’ll also support your pitches for when you want to try interview your musical heroes/review days out etc.  We have already conducted several these, including:

  • Norman Jay
  • Simon Fowler
  • Fun Lovin’ Criminals
  • JTQ
  • Steve Craddock

Being part of DBTH means it is easier to open the doors and embrace your mid-life crisis by hanging out with the people that the teenage ‘you’ had on your walls.

In the future, as the site grows, we will be commissioning more campaigns like #DadsPlayDate, these will be paid.

More Questions

Will writing for DBTH get me laid?

Yes definitely.

Will writing for DBTH give me an enormous sense of well-being?

Yes definitely.

Will writing for DBTH make the coolest dad of the school-run?

Hell yeah, mofo.

Next Steps
You down with D.A.D? Tell your story to ruth@dontbelievethehype.biz

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